Why Join Us ?

What is valued at Draup

At Draup, we provide individuals with the environment they need to think differently and create value. While most organization cultures are built, we allowed ours to take shape over time through our vibrant and hardworking teams. We promote an open-door culture and transparent organization structure which improves employee engagement and fosters idea generation.

We believe in giving people the freedom they need to be creative, which allows them to take ownership of their work. We don’t ask for much. Be creative, and be unique, and you’ll find an environment that you’d love to work in. Join us and you’ll be a part of an energized team that is redefining enterprise decision making.

Life at Draup

Why Choose the Draup Life?

Apart from the opportunity to work on really cool projects, you get to collaborate with individuals from a diverse range of functions such as Machine Learning, Psychology, Data Science, Research, and Engineering. If you’re looking for a little extra incentive, here are some other reasons why you should join us.

Exciting Challenges

You get to work on a multitude of exciting projects that promise to challenge you beyond what you thought you were capable of. Our projects demand collaborations with individuals who possess expertise in a diverse range of skill sets, giving you the opportunity to solve unique problems every day.

No Hierarchy

This is one thing we take great pride in. We did away with traditional cookie-cutter hierarchical structures and created a ‘self-managed’ organization culture. We believe in transparency and the doors to meet the senior leadership team are always open. To be honest, there really aren’t any doors and everyone is a leader in Draup!

Flexible Hours

We’re pretty flexible with our working hours which allows you to maintain a favorable work-life balance. We find that this flexibility greatly benefits us as much as it does for our employees. You don’t really have to worry about waking up at 6 - or 7 - or 8!

Free Lunch and Snacks

Some might argue that this should be at the top of our perks list. Everyone loves free food, and you get plenty of that when you join us.

Beer Parties

Yes, now we’re getting down to the real perks. Monthly beer parties are usually the norm at Draup. Did we mention that we are located at the party destination in Bangalore - Jyoti Niwas college Road. Isn't it just awesome to walk out of the office and pop into a pub after a busy day at work !! You -1 , Bangalore traffic ruining your plans -0 !

Strategically Located

We’re conveniently located in Koramangala, which is close to the heart of Bangalore city. We promise that the traffic here is not as bad as it is in the IT corridors.

Foosball, Pool & TT

Last but certainly not the least, you get access to our most prized possession – our foosball, Pool and TT tables. We can’t, however, guarantee that you’ll always get a turn.

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