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Draup for Talent is an AI-driven talent pipeline mining and planning platform that provides insights for HR leaders to structure their people initiatives. You can get a deeper understanding of the talent ecosystem including analysis on critical roles in an industry, role evolutions, emerging skills, industry transformation impact, demand supply characteristics, and maturity of talent for any job role in any location. We use unique datasets about startups, universities and company characteristics to arrive at deeper insights.

At Draup, we look beyond skillsets and pedigree to assess deeper talent characteristics. Our proprietary AI/Big Data frameworks validated by heuristics evaluate characteristics across industry, company, location and individuals to build critical insights.


Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Interpreted Intelligence

Interpreted Intelligence

Consulting Expertise

Consulting Expertise

Get a 360-degree view of the talent ecosystem for 10,000 cities and 3,000+ job roles globally, covering vital talent characteristics including key job roles in an industry, job evolution analysis, adjacent skills for a role, digital impact on roles, university profiles, industry/location migratory patterns, and insightful derived metrics to analyze talent maturity.

Understand the global footprint of companies including talent competitors, their talent competencies by MSA, their maturity of operations by location and vendor/staffing partnerships. You can also evaluate the talent characteristics of 20,000+ curated startups.

DRAUP provides a 360-degree view of 250 million+ potential hires. Analyze a potential hire better with deeper insights on a candidate’s interpreted persona, pedigree, networks and portfolio, so you can develop a comprehensive understanding of your candidate pool.

Advanced metrics to predict the evolution of roles in a specific MSA. Augmenting on AI/Machine Learning models to better understand the impact of industry/technology evolution on the roles, identify role adjacencies, upskilling and reskilling opportunities to equip your workforce for the digital age.

Get access to syndicated reports and contextualized points of view from our Braindesk team that deep-dives into the talent ecosystem and assesses emerging trends, next-generation skills/roles, and industry transformation. Get custom reports and insights from our Braindesk team based on your talent planning requirements.

On-demand access to data scientists who can mine and extract insights from high volumes of data allowing you to customize recruitment strategies and make informed decisions.

Gain an in-depth understanding of transformation trends in an industry including the evolution of new age technologies and their associated skills. Find out how you can tune your workforce planning efforts to match emerging trends through our ‘Metacoach’ reports.

Newsletters and Blogs

Here’s a look at our recent newsletters and feature updates. We’re constantly working on features and updates that can add great value and solve our customer’s most immediate problems.

  • By DRAUP Analyst 21 Jul 2018
    Putting the Human in Human Resources

    Cost savings, increased capacity, higher accuracy, and reduced processing times. Robotic Process Automation is redefining the conventional way of doing HR.  If Google-backed RPA unicorn, UiPath's, mammoth growth is anything to go by, we can expect RPA to capitalize on the ever-increasing need to automate and streamline business processes. The company, now valued at over $3bn has over 1,800 enterprise…

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  • By DRAUP Analyst 21 Jul 2018
    Analyzing AI Talent Characteristics

    Unearthing deeper talent characteristics, hiring trends, location hotspots and performing an in-depth supply-demand analysis The constant need to use analytics and data to drive business functions has created a massive talent shortage in AI roles. With skills and technology constantly evolving, HR leaders must keep pace with the evolving talent landscape and periodically assess their…

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Delivery Model

Leveraging a technology + Expert augmented delivery model to maximize Customer’s success

  • Draup Platform

    Cloud hosted web application with data rich insights and visualizations to help you better understand the global talent landscape and thus enable better talent planning.

  • Draup Braindesk

    Plethora of analyst reports and PoVs about emerging skills, talent hotspots, talent ecosystem and location-based hiring analysis. Get access to on-demand support, situation-specific insights, account-specific deep dives and executive-ready presentations.

  • Draup SME Access

    Get access to the DRAUP SME network for guidance on strategic initiatives.

  • Draup Webinars

    Access to webinars on talent assessment coaching, key market trends, thought leadership by DRAUP SMEs and Consultants.


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  • June 2017

    Concept Development for DRAUP

  • May 2018

    DRAUP 2.0 for Digital Workplace

  • November 2018

    Tracking top 5000 companies worldwide

  • January 2019

    Launched Draup Academia

    Foster collaboration with universities and identify professors in digital areas

  • March 2019

    Enhanced Talent Dashboard

    Updated Talent dashboard to allow location comparison. Find the best location to hire from for a given role

  • April 2019

    Personalized Opportunity Index

    Customize opportunity index to allow better account prioritization

  • May 2019

    NLP Search

    Introduced NLP-based search to enable advanced search capabilities

  • June 2019

    View of over 10 million potential hire profiles