An AI-Driven reskilling and talent intelligence platform

Draup is an AI-Driven reskilling and talent intelligence platform that provides in-depth insights on the talent ecosystem.

Draup can assist organizations in strategic workforce planning, talent recruitment and reskilling by evaluating talent ecosystem pillars such as industries, companies, locations, universities and professionals

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Current talent intelligence platforms are outdated
  • Leverage monolithic data sources
  • Rely on unvalidated and self-reported data
  • Have a myopic view of current talent pool
  • Have no view on talent transformation, adjacent talent or career progression

HR teams are therefore, forced to leverage multiple platforms and spend more time on aggregating and enriching data to make relevant decisions.

The rapidly changing talent landscape is also challenging HR teams to understand evolving skills requirements, to identify ways to leverage existing talent pool and to leverage non-traditional sources for talent on an on-going basis.

Our Solution

  • We look beyond skillsets and pedigree to assess deeper talent characteristics
  • Our proprietary AI/Big Data frameworks evaluate characteristics across industry, company, location and individuals to build critical insights
  • Draup’s datasets encompass 450 million professional profiles, 75,000 companies, 1,500 locations and 28 industries
  • Through a taxonomy led approach Draup tracks and validates comprehensive set of talent characteristics
Location characteristics
  • Talent Supply-Demand
  • Supply & Demand growth
  • digitally replaceable quotient (DRQ)
  • top employers
  • diversity metrics
  • adjacent talent pool
  • talent cost
Company characteristics
  • Global footprint
  • top key executives
  • organizational structure
  • digital technology stack
  • hiring analysis
  • skills analysis
  • Digital intentions
  • executive movements
Professional characteristics
  • Personality traits
  • technology skills
  • soft skills
  • adjacent skills
  • employment information
  • engagement guidelines
  • hiring opportunity index

Use Cases

Use Draup’s curated insights to strategize your hiring needs and equip your organization with the talent required to meet business goals and achieve long-term success.
Business transformations and role evolutions

Understand how digital technologies are transforming businesses, disrupting traditional job roles and creating new-age roles

360-degree talent analysis

Transform your view of the talent ecosystem. Go beyond univariate metrics and holistically track organizations, locations, industries, and profile pedigree.

Talent hotspots

Evaluate global talent locations and unearth emerging hubs for over 2,500 job roles

Cost estimates

Leverage cost analysis to estimate full FTE costs by role and by location. Simulate multiple roles for virtually any headcount

Global peers

Discover how your competition is leveraging global talent. Benchmark competitor talent strategies across locations and job roles

Leverage Draup to successfully identify, recruit, and hire high-quality relevant talent. Discover talent pools and consistently hire great candidates effortlessly.
Impactful job descriptions

Leverage Draup playbooks to recognize the skills, tools and certifications required across 2,500+ job roles

Most relevant profiles

Go beyond inflated information provided on social platforms. Leverage targeted 360-degree views of job profiles

Dissect job profiles

Identify nuances across related job roles, evaluate relevant personality requirements and make efficient hiring decisions.

Adjacent talent pool

Bypass talent deficit problems by identifying “Upskillable” profiles using our “skills adjacency” tool

Engagement with professionals

Interpret profile data better and receive engagement guidelines thereby improving engagement metric

Ensure that your organization stays ahead of rapidly changing workforce trends. Leverage Draup to devise mechanisms for organization-wide reskilling initiatives and enable your employees to adapt to changing technology needs.
Next-gen critical roles

Evaluate competitor hiring trends and discover future-critical roles for your organization

Map micro and macro paths

Identify most plausible short-term and long-term career trajectories for your workforce using 'Reskill Navigator'

Identify skill gaps

Identify skills, tools and certifications required for next-gen job roles to enable organization-wide reskilling

Bridge skill gaps

Identify curriculums/certification programs offered across global institutions/universities to upskills/reskill employees and bridge skill gaps

Leverage academia

Identify and partner with institutes that offer relevant reskilling courses


1,500+ job roles
7,000+ universities
30,000+ university professors
10,000+ courses
2,500+ locations
52 machine learning models developed
75,000+ peer group companies
50m+ digital and digitally influenced professsionals
10m+ data points analysed
28 industries
400m+ career paths analysed
12 psychology models created
8,000+ data sources
20,000 skills
600+ custom talent reports
7,000+ digital tools and platforms