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Team culture

Team Culture At Draup

Sharing some insights on building team culture from our experience at Draup.

We recently concluded our Yearly performance reviews and one thing that surprised me was that almost everyone mentioned that the workplace is very positive and they love working at Draup. At least 3 new joiners mentioned that among all the companies that they have worked for, they enjoyed working for Draup the most.

What did we do to reach here?

1. Trust and Ownership – This goes hand in hand. We hire the right people then give them complete ownership of their projects. We trust them to come out with a plan and then execute it. This has lead to people taking ownership of the entire project and bringing in their very best to solve a problem. It also gives everyone a sense of belonging and purpose.

2. Transparency – Our Founders from the very beginning have been transparent with the entire team about where we stand and shared all customer feedback – good or bad, our finances, and customer expectations. This makes everyone understand and represent the company’s goals and priorities better.

3. Innovation – What separates Humans from Machines is creativity and innovation (at least until Artificial General Intelligence is reached). You cannot hire the best brains and then micromanage them based on your ideas. Innovation, ideation, and feedback are the centerpiece of every project (small or big) at Draup.

4. Culture of Learning – Every sub-team at Draup, conducts a weekly group study of one hour. One person from the team is given a chance to talk about and make others learn from their recent project, a MOOC they completed, or any personal projects. Technology is changing at a rapid pace – What is new and path-breaking today will become redundant and legacy tomorrow. The only way we can stay ahead of the curve is to keep learning.

What else do you think has worked out for you in your organization. Do share your views