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Sales Intelligence

Empower sales teams with industry, account & stakeholder intelligence & enable them to micro-target prospects
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Account Intelligence

Identify & shortlist prospects against key account metrics such as financials, geo presence, outsourcing, and many more

Microsoft Global Footprints| Outsourcing by Daimler AG| Citigroup Digital Tech Stack|

Account Intelligence

Understand the Global Footprint of Targeted Accounts

Target location-specific sales opportunities for accounts by extracting actionable insights into current workloads, R&D initiatives, IT workforce, recent job postings, and more
Global Footprint of Targeted Accounts Global Footprint of Targeted Accounts
Account Intelligence

Gain Deep Insights into Outsourcing Initiatives

Understand the target account's outsourcing trends and their engagements with service providers. Customize your pitch based on recent service engagements, vendor relationships, and much more
Outsourcing Initiatives Outsourcing Initiatives
Account Intelligence

Explore Enterprise Technology across 1300+ Product Segments

Gain deep insights into an enterprise's technology adoption propensity, usage metrics, and recent technology changes over 32K+ products to evaluate potential opportunities
Explore Enterprise Technology Explore Enterprise Technology

Digital Initiatives in Banking| Automotive Landscape| Signals in Industrials|

Industry Intelligence

Seize new opportunities across 33 industry verticals. Navigate strategically with deep industry ecosystem insights on key players, startups, use cases, executives, and more
Discover Emerging Use Cases Discover Emerging Use Cases
Industry Intelligence

Discover Emerging Use Cases

Identify emerging and trending digital transformation initiatives in your target industries
Deep Insights into Ecosystem Drivers Deep Insights into Ecosystem Drivers
Industry Intelligence

Deep Insights into Ecosystem Drivers

Identify emerging trends, startups, market maps, and key drivers to stay ahead of your competition
Real-Time Signals Real-Time Signals
Industry Intelligence

Real-Time Signals across major industry events

Track live updates on center setup, partnerships, deal renewals, mergers & acquisitions, mass hiring & layoffs, executive movements, & more

Buyer Intelligence

GDPR-compliant persona analysis of major industry & account executives to improve your client engagement & nurture long-term relationships

Airbus Organization Structure| Leaders in Cisco| Top Buyers in My List|

Buyer Intelligence

Understand the Buyer's Organization Structure

Identify decision-makers that can be tapped as access points within target accounts and can serve as points-of-contact at desired business functions 
nderstand the Buyer's Organization Structure nderstand the Buyer's Organization Structure
Buyer Intelligence

Leverage Key Prospect Information to Craft Customized Pitches

Gauge the approachability and stakeholder influence to grant deals. Leverage their public persona & viewpoints to curate highly-personalized sales engagement strategies
 Key Prospect Information  Key Prospect Information
Buyer Intelligence

Organize your Leads

Curate potential leads into multiple lists and tag them with custom markers, notes and keep track of executives across business contexts
Organize your Leads Organize your Leads

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Get access to Subject Matter experts

Request and access custom reports & company-specific intelligence built with data-backed insights.

Sales Intelligence API

Integrate and access real-time insights and alerts on key sales intelligence data from 8,000+ data sources into your custom enterprise solution.

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