Powering Sales Enablement

Science and Human Curation

Draup empowers sales teams with comprehensive account and stakeholder intelligence to enable microtargeting. We analyze millions of data points to help sales teams understand finer details about their prospects, such as buying preferences, technology choices, outsourcing deals, buying centers, strategic and investment priorities etc., while also obtaining a deep understanding of the key decision makers among your prospects.

We can equip you with sales intelligence and help you answer pressing sales questions such as “What leads do I prioritize?”, “Who are the right stakeholders I could target?”, and “How do I approach the targeted opportunity?”


Data Intelligence

Data Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

Predictive Intelligence

Consulting Expertise

Consulting Expertise

2,500+ unique data attributes about global companies covering Business Overview, Financials, Technology Stack, Vendor and Partner Relationships, Technology and R&D Footprints.

250+ unique data attributes defining the comprehensive “buyer profile” of key decision makers covering Business Overview, Financials, Vendor and Partner Relationships, Technology and R&D Footprints, Technology Stack. We also evaluate other metrics such as Professional Insights, Psychographic Characteristics, Buying Propensity Estimates, Budget Control, Outsourcing Spend, etc.

2500+ unique data attributes tracking 100,000 platform and service providers covering Competitor Intelligence, Ecosystem Adjacency Analysis, Hiring Patterns, Technology and R&D Footprints, Customers etc.

Leveraging Machine Learning to quantify potential opportunities.

Track events or changes in your pursuit account that may create a sales opportunity.

Understand your target’s strategic priorities and investment themes curated through analysis of executive statements, result transcripts, interviews, hiring patterns and investments.

Get access to syndicated reports and contextualized points of views that include Account Opportunity Analysis, Industry and Technology trends, Analysis of spending patterns etc.

Gain access to what your customers are thinking through Metacoach reports that are generated through primary interviews and discussions.

Newsletters and Blogs

Here’s a look at our recent newsletters and feature updates. We’re constantly working on features and updates that can add great value and solve our customer’s most immediate problems.

  • By DRAUP Analyst 22 Feb 2019
    Opportunities in Design Services Outsourcing

    Draup’s data newsletter has been conceptualized to deliver actionable data in the hands of decision-makers. Our data bulletins have been curated by analysts who work on high volumes of rich data to give you contextualized POVs over a wide range of topics. We use data research and primary research practices to present a highly insightful and…

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  • By DRAUP Analyst 07 Jan 2019

    Digitization of banks has accelerated branch closures (2000+ closed in 2017 in the USA). Digital Technologies have consolidated banking operations considerably where banks now operate with fewer branches and engage self-service systems with minimal staffing. Tracking Global Financial Institutions Digital spending in the banking industry is highly consolidated among the top 30 banks with analytics,…

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Delivery Model

Leveraging a technology + expert augmented delivery model to maximize customer’s success

  • Draup Platform

    Cloud hosted web application with data rich insights and visualizations to help you know the most important information about your prospects.

  • Draup Braindesk

    Extensive pool of analyst reports and PoVs about market trends and buying patterns to aid strategic decision making. Get access to on-demand support, situation-specific insights, account-specific deep dives and executive-ready presentations.

  • Draup SME Access

    Network of experts across 9 industry verticals to empower sales teams with domain-specific insights and points of views.

  • Draup Webinars

    Access webinars on sales coaching, key market trends, thought leadership by DRAUP SMEs and Consultants.