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Attract and Retain Best-Performing Talent with Deep Insights into Costs, Skills and Locations

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Attract and Retain Best-Performing Talent

Draup is the Artificial Intelligence-Driven Talent Intelligence solution of choice for global enterprises

Why Workforce Planning and Strategy Teams Prefer Draup for Talent Intelligence

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Identify Distribution of Talent Across Industries

Pinpoint emerging talent hotspots for your target digital tech stack across the globe for over 33 verticals 

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Gain Insights on Location, Role, and Skill Level Combinations

View the skills-based count of talent supply, hiring activity, cost parameters, etc. for key locations to optimize location mix and strategy. 

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Insights on Talent Supply and Demand

Analyze granular data on the talent ecosystem and workforce strategies across competitors to better position yourself as an attractive employer 

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Optimize your Workforce Planning Costs

Benchmark internal compensation data against locations, peers, and role maturity levels across industries. Analyze cost across similar roles and skills, and cost variation by industries and across location hotspots.  

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Leverage external talent data to make better talent decisions. Benchmark against your competitors and stay ahead of industry trends. 


Talent Acquisition Leaders

Discover skilled and diverse talent optimized for cost, location, and skills gap. 

John B, Senior Director, Corporate Talent Acquisition

"Draup offers fantastic customer service, rivaled only by the insight gained from their talent data. Don't assume there is something that Draup cannot assist with from a talent perspective, because they probably can. We have yet to task them with something they haven't been able to deliver upon."

John B Senior Director, Corporate Talent Acquisition Draup for Talent Reviews on G2

Talent Data to Plan, Hire & Skill your Future-Proof Workforce

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