Future-proof your workforce

Improve Retention • Save Talent Costs • Encourage Career Growth

Unlock the potential of your workforce with AI-powered reskilling

Empower your employees with the skills they need to succeed

For L&D Professionals For Employees

Draup's Flexibility Makes Scaling Reskilling Strategies Easier

  • Select preferred courses and certifications providers to tailor your recommendations
  • Customize talent taxonomies to align with your industry vertical or workloads
  • Robust workflows to validate employee skillsets for accurate skills mapping & career transitions
  • Add internal career paths unique to your organization to help Draup suggest viable career progressions

    Transform Your Employee Reskilling Journey

    Draup Helps Your Employees Reskill Intelligently With Near Real-Time Data On:
  • 4,500+
    Career Paths
    Online & University Courses

Reskilling To Mitigate Job Role Disruption

Draup helped a prominent BFS firm in the US revamp their talent management pipeline and implemented a sustainable reskilling strategy. The whole process leveraged their existing jobs data and talent pool information to deliver targeted reskilling & upskilling pathways using our proprietary AI models.

reskill case study

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