Draup Is The AI-Powered, Reskilling Partner

For Fortune-500 Enterprises

Our Proprietary Tools, Powered By Data, Are Helping Global Talent Managers Prepare For Tomorrow

Future-Proof Your
Workforce With Reskilling

Ensure that your organization stays ahead of evolving workforce trends. Leverage Draup to drive company-wide reskilling initiatives and enable your employees to adapt to changing technology needs.

Reskilling Works Best With Draup

Empowering Talent Management Teams With End-to-End Reskilling Solutions

Workforce with Reskilling

You Are Here Because

  • Your talent pool is reaching critical levels of redundancy.
  • You want to ensure that your teams have access to talent in emerging technologies.
  • You want to bridge any digital skills gap even before the need for it arises.
  • You want to explore untapped talent pools from non-traditional ecosystems.

Why Are Global Enterprises Eager To Reskill Their Workforce?

  • Provide viable career paths for their employees in disrupted roles.
  • Reduce cost of hiring by 50-80%.
  • Decrease attrition rates and improve employee loyalty.
  • Integrate technology and organization vision to promote a diverse workforce.
  • Run successful returnship programs.
Reskill The Workforce

Transform Your Employee Reskilling Journey

Draup’s Reskilling Data Assets Include

Job Roles

1,000 +

Job Roles

12,000 +

Career Paths

4.5 Million +

Career Paths
University Profiles

7,000 +

University Profiles
University Courses

15,000 +

Online & University - Level Courses
Professor Profiles

30,000 +

Professor Profiles

Over 4 million career paths analyzed & real-time hiring trends explored to help you

Real-Time Hiring
  • Identify critical next-gen roles by evaluating competitor hiring trends.
  • Craft the ideal career trajectories for your employees.
  • Understand missing skills and certifications required for planned career progressions.
  • Identify courses and certifications to bridge the skills gap.

Introducing our industry-first tools empowering global talent management teams

Reskilling Navigator: Skill Development
To Build A Sustainable Workforce

A step-by-step guided tool to help you reskill your talent optimally

What you can do with the Reskilling Navigator

DRAUP identifies the skill-set and maps it with the existing list of courses and programs present in its extensive Database
Learning Management teams are in complete control of end-to-end Employee Reskilling programs with functionality to restrict course & certifications recommendations by partners

Reskilling Simulator: See Your Reskilling Plan In Action

Evaluate and plan strategic reskilling & upskilling initiatives

How does it work?

Process Flow Reskilling

Reskilling Case Studies

Reskilling To Mitigate Job Role Disruption

Reskilling and upskilling
Draup helped a prominent BFS firm in the US revamp their talent management pipeline and implemented a sustainable reskilling strategy.

The whole process leveraged their existing jobs data and talent pool information to deliver targeted reskilling & upskilling pathways using our proprietary AI models.
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