Arm your Sales Teams with Insights on Decision Makers

  • Nurture Relationships with Insights & Buyer Intelligence
  • Engage Proactively on a Prospect’s Pain Points
  • Identify & Engage with the Right Buyer
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Know your buyer & identify key decision makers

Draup is the Artificial Intelligence-Driven Sales Intelligence solution of choice for global enterprises


Align your Sales Teams with Viable Opportunities - Understand the Buyer Persona and Craft Hyper-Targeted Pitches


Save Time by Focusing your Efforts on High-Opportunity Buyers

  • Identify the potential buyers of a company aligned to your solutions
  • Gauge the approachability and the power of the stakeholder to grant a deal


Close More Deals with Insights on Decision Makers

  • Gain additional insights for networking opportunities and rapport building
  • Leverage psychographic data to curate highly-personalized sales engagement strategies

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Streamline your Engagement with Organized Leads

  • Curate potential leads into multiple lists and tag them with custom markers and notes
  • Keep track of executives & their engagements based on the business context

Sales Intelligence for Personalized Engagement

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Identify Relevant Stakeholders

Get to know the key decisionmakers of the company

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Engage Strategically

Learn the Professional attributes of the key decisionmakers

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Budget Control & Deal Influence

Understand deep insights on executives’ influence to proactively engage on opportunities

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Geo & Technology Focus

Formulate and Pitch solutions based on the Technology preferences of the executives

Bharath A, Vice President & Global Head of Marketing

“The tool gives detailed insights on customers’ R&D spend, buying locations, key people to target, existing service providers etc. Many other tools provide high-level data such as revenue and executive team but can’t offer the depth that DRAUP does.”

Bharath A Vice President & Global Head of Marketing Draup for Sales Reviews on G2

Approach Prospects Confidently with Hyper-Targeted Pitches Backed by AI-Driven Buyer Insights

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