Enterprises aggressively expanding to Tier II location for Digital Talent

Due to intense hiring competition for digitaltalent, enterprises are now looking beyond traditional hotspots and focusing on Tier2locations like Austin to cash-in on the significant growth advantages. Although Austin has the lowest digital talent pool size of ~27,000, the hiring environment for local technology professionals is expected to remain strong the upcoming years. Austin is becoming a top destination for tech giants like Google and startups owing to the lowest talent and business cost.

Apple and Google’s expansion to open a new center in Austin is signalling their intentions to exploit the digital talent pool in the emerging city. Several government-backed entrepreneurial initiatives and private start-up accelerator programs in Austin have made it lucrative for start-ups to set up base leading to talent development and migration in the city. The Texas Digital Government Summit is one such initiative that focuses on innovation, leadership, emergingtechnologies, and cybersecurity.

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