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A GPT4-Powered Talent Intelligence Assistant

Curie can help you see in-demand roles & skills across industries

Curie can help you explore the top job requirements for Generative AI Engineers in Seattle

Curie can help you visualize the percentage change in job demand for digital marketers in Europe over the last 6 months

Curie can help you find which cities or states have the highest demand for Python Developers in India

Curie can help you find the top trending jobs in oil-producing countries in South America

Curie can help you see how the demand for Data Scientists has changed over the past month

Talent Data & Insights Without
Complex Queries

AI-driven decision-making at your fingertips

Curie doesn't hallucinate – It gives you data-backed talent insights in one click. Empower your users to understand talent demand data and insights without complex queries. Reduce the time and effort for talent data analysis.

Recruitment Powered by Cutting-Edge AI

Simplified Talent Search

With the power of GPT-4 and Draup's natural language query support

Talk to our AI and let it help you find the right talent matching your exact requirements.
Looking to meet your DE&I goals? Tight talent budget? Hiring location constraints? Draup’s NLP powered search engine can help you find the right candidate 2x faster

AI-Powered Candidate Recommendations

Powered by AI; Built upon Draup's 800Million + Profiles

Say goodbye to manually scanning through countless resumes.
Draup uses AI built upon our proprietary data sets to identify and recommend similar candidate profiles.
Save your HR managers valuable time and effort.

Learn more about Draup's GPT4-Powered
Talent Intelligence Assistant

Draup is a Member of the Ethical AI Governance Group

As an AI-first company, Draup has been a champion of ethical and responsible AI since day one. Our models adhere to the strictest data standards and are routinely audited for bias.