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Sourcing Great Candidates

4 Tips for Sourcing Great Candidates in The Competitive Market

The success of an organization depends on the talent it has. Therefore, the process implemented in picking the right candidates is as important as selecting the suitable candidates for the job. 

Human resources managers find it increasingly challenging to source candidates when there is a new vacancy, and the complexity of the challenge significantly increases when the company is hiring for a new role — a role that the company has newly created to address a new set of needs. 

The road to hiring the right candidates can be a pleasant and streamlined one by following four simple tips. 

Understand the role 

The real problem starts with hiring departments when they do not understand what the role demands and what sorts of backgrounds are needed to manage that profile. This step is more straightforward said than done. Simultaneously, once the hiring managers understand the precise job descriptions and profile expectations, 95% of the job is done. To get the right understanding of the profile, the talent acquisition specialist needs to contact the source of the profile creator. Every company has several departments. If there is a new role created and the talent scouting team must find the right candidates for those profiles, it helps to talk to the department head, or the department section from the need arose. 

Go beyond 15 resumes 

Studies have shown that the average right candidate for a profile is when talent departments start looking for the candidates after the first 15 resumes. While it can be attractive to pick someone who remotely looks like they can do the job for the profile you are looking for, there are better candidates for the profile better. But that cannot happen unless talent managers can make that extra effort and resist taking the easy way out. 

 Grab them by the headline 

While many recruitment teams (in their recruitment processstill heavily rely on employee referral programs, the reality is referrals only work up to a certain point. Employees may not know the kind of candidates the hiring department is looking for. That is why the good old advertisements still work. A good ad in a job portal like Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, or banner ads on popular media publications (try to target the places your prospective candidates might land on) will get better hiring terms results than looking for candidates through internal employees. 

Go to their world 

Modern-day recruiters spend considerable time looking for candidates on social media. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and even Snapchat are used by hiring teams to look for the right candidates. Sometimes the best candidates may not see the job ad or come through referrals, but they may be hiding in plain sight on social media. 

At Draup, we provide actionable insights about candidates and for hiring teams. Using AI and machine learning models, Draup considers evolving skills requirements and identified practical ways to leverage the existing talent pool, and offers revolutionary processes for finding the right talent on an ongoing basis.