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Blueprint for Generative AI Talent in Enterprises

A Thought Leadership Dialogue for HR Executives

  • Explore, Learn & Connect with Industry Peers
  • Blueprint to Build Gen AI Talent to Support Business Functions
  • Trends and Opportunities in Generative AI
  • Emerging Skills and Roles in Generative AI
  • Impact of Gen AI Across Business Domains, Including HR
  •  Draup is Trusted by 200+ Global Enterprises 

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    Exploring Use Cases and a Blueprint
    for Generative AI Integration

    A Thought Leadership Dialogue by

    Vijay Swaminathan,CEO, Draup

    Why you should attend

    Hosted by Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder, Draup, this session will provide valuable insights into the practical applications and strategic alignment of GenAI within your organization

    • Moderated Discussions: Engage in thought-provoking conversations with industry thought leaders and practitioners on the impact of Gen AI across various business functions.   
    • GenAI Roadmap: Explore the cutting-edge advancements in GenAI and its integration into your business functions. Discover how Draup is leading the way in harnessing GenAI for innovative talent solutions.
    • Explore Priority Use Cases: Uncover the top use cases where GenAI is being rapidly adopted within organizations. Learn about the practical applications that are revolutionizing the industry. 
    • Understand Organizational Challenges: Address the hurdles and challenges organizations face in integrating GenAI into their business practices.    
    • Facilitate GenAI Adoption: Understand how you can promote and facilitate the adoption of GenAI across your enterprises. Learn strategies to ensure smooth and effective integration. 

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    What is Draup for Talent?

    Draup is the AI Platform for Talent Intelligence & Reskilling used by HR Leaders & Talent Decision Makers Whether you’re an HR leader, talent acquisition specialist, or anyone engaged in shaping the workforce of tomorrow, Draup provides you with unparalleled data-backed insights that help you

    Increase in Available Talent Pool

    Reduction in Talent Acquisition costs

    Increase in Employee Engagement & Retention

    A Glimpse into Draup for Talent

    What Makes Draup for Talent Different?

    360-degree Talent Ecosystem Insights

    • Talent Intelligence Across Industries, Companies, Locations, and Universities
    • Assess a candidate’s talent attributes with insights across 40+ parameters
    • Attract and Retain diverse talent with Deep Insights into Costs, Skills and Locations
    • Leverage talent market data on 150M+ job descriptions and 100+ Labor Statistics Databases across 2,000+ locations
    • Talent Intelligence on 500k+ peer group companies across 33 industries
    • Know where you stand against your competitors
    • Empower your HR team and talent stakeholders to drive intelligent data-backed workforce planning and recruitment strategies
    • Pinpoint emerging talent hotspots for your target digital tech stack across the globe

    Acquire & Manage your Future-Ready Workforce