Self-driving vehicle race creates immense opportunities for service providers

Evolution of vehicle autonomy is strengthened by entry of new age solution providers in the areas of Semiconductor, Telecom, Cloud, and Mobility as commuters have started trusting autonomous vehicle. Penetration of Tech giants in Automotive Vehicles space created an intense competition for traditional automotive players and companies are accelerating commercialization of level 3 and level 4 in autonomy to lead the technology race.

GM, Ford AND Waymo have committed to attain Level 5 automation capabilities whereas Intel, Tesla and Bosch have envisioned Level 4 automation by 2020.Capgemini has partnered with Volvo Cars’ as their main provider of end-to-end SAP consulting and technology services include new system implementation projects, application management and support, and infrastructure/platform services. High partnership opportunities are available with OEMs to partner with OEMs and other self-driving technology players in System Engineering, System integration & HMI Feature development.

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