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Mapping Reskilling Initiatives with Digital Competencies

Several new skills are emerging – Complex Procurement Roles, FP&A roles, Cybersecurity roles, Animation roles for employee communication all becoming critical post-COVID19. Our brand-new feature ‘Skills Move Balance Sheet’ will let the companies model a transition to foresee the initiatives that they can undertake and the tools that can be used within the industry.

The coronavirus pandemic has become the hot topic of the board room discussions where business leaders are trying to figure out the ways to handle the current and post-COVID-19 scenarios. Companies are reimagining several new roles that can help them stabilize their business operations and facilitate business continuity.

New emerging skills like Complex Procurement Roles, Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) roles, Cybersecurity roles, Animation roles are in huge demand in this crisis. Supporting the strategic aims of the enterprise, proper planning, budgeting, forecasting, protecting confidential organizational data, etc. are key activities of these roles for effective organizational development.

However, a sudden spike in the demand for such roles made HR leaders to rethink their talent development strategies. One such strategy they follow is creating a reskilling journey of their in-house talent and make them prepared for the post-COVID-19 world.

Now, HR leaders are listing out the current roles and the roles-in-demand for an organization to map a reskilling journey with micro/macro learning modules. Based on each specific course module completed within a timeframe, one can acquire new-age skills and tools to become proficient and handle tasks of the transitioned role.

At Draup, we have always come up with innovative ideas to help the HR leaders plan and produce a robust training and development strategy. Draup has recently developed a ‘Skills Move Balance Sheet’ that not only shows the installed skills within the organization but also showcases the new digital competencies they require to meet digital objectives.

Reskilling Initiatives

Once the reskilling initiatives are created in learning journeys, HRs can easily track the enhanced capabilities of the organization according to dimensions:

  • Digital Tech Stack of the workforce i.e. newly built capabilities
  • Range of skillsets learned
  • Identification of Sub-verticals that the transitioned role can work in

Draup’s unparalleled Skills Move Balance Sheet charts the whole list of available/built skills through reskilling – training and development programs. This makes it quite easier for HR leaders to build a strategic workforce. Additionally, it proactively helps in anticipating future skills that can be enhanced to build and accomplish core digital initiatives.