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Telehealth emerges as the New-Normal post-COVID-19

Telehealth emerges as the New-Normal post-COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is wreaking havoc on the healthcare ecosystem as it infected almost ~3M people across the globe and is still increasing. Consequently, telemedicine has appeared as a boon for the medical providers to become the ‘New Normal’ in times of COVID-19 crisis. Further, with the addition of enhanced treatment capabilities, it is being considered as a critical technology post-COVID-19 world.

The rise in pandemic situations like coronavirus outbreak has surged the demand for telehealth systems. With the exponential growth of the virus resulting in global lockdown, people are panicking and are looking for various options to get consultations on this disease. On the other hand, hospitals are struggling to maintain social distancing and accommodate the needs of every patient coming now and then for a checkup and seeking advice.

To minimize the workloads and follow the social distancing norm, healthcare enterprises are offering telemedicine and facilitate remote collaboration between the patients and doctors. This will avoid the risk of infection through face-to-face interaction.

Not only the healthcare companies but also cloud-based companies are coming forward to provide such telehealth services to the person in need amid COVID-19 crisis. Technology service providers (TSP) are aiming at such clusters of companies to deploy innovative remote health monitoring techniques. Implementing new-age telehealth platforms will ultimately improvise care treatment with better patient outcomes.

  • Hospitals in Israel have installed Tyto Care’s telehealth solutions that helps in checking COVID-19 patients living in quarantine wards. Further, it monitors isolated patients at home by supplying the TytoHome kit.
  • Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot, a mobile teleconferencing system is allowing doctors to examine patients without risking the spread of the deadly contagious coronavirus.
  • PlushCare, a virtual care platform partnered with Fitbit to provide easy access to telemedicine services to its users. They will be able to speak with top healthcare professionals for seeking advice on their medical conditions, urgent issues like COVID-19 screening, etc.

Draup provides unique opportunity signals for the TSPs with its sales intelligence insights on the global trends in the healthcare industry like telemedicine services. These valuable insights help service providers to build specialized offerings for healthcare as well as the cloud companies.

The main idea is to collaborate with each other to come up with advanced telehealth services. As it will help in combating the fight against deadly coronavirus and serve the people in the current and post-COVID-19 world.