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Elevate your Workforce Potential at Scale

Leverage AI-powered
Deep Talent Intelligence
for global labor market

AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform

Instant visibility on evolving workforce trends – deep insights on geographical distribution and skillsets of talent base.

Industry / peer talent strategy insights and benchmarking.

Optimize the efforts and cost of hiring at scale, through insights backed, fool-proof talent acquisition strategy.

Global talent localization analysis and strategy.

Empower businesses with insights for hiring and reskilling

A Deep Dive into Women Tech Talent in Latin America (LATAM)

Women talent

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion in the Tech Industry: Challenges, Initiatives, and Future Outlook

Building Cost-Effective Cloud Teams in 2023: Here’s what you can do

cloud talent

Generative AI in Talent Acquisition: Strategic Move or a Leap of Faith?

How it works​

Struggling to manage your talent pool's lifecycle?

Talent Scarcity

CHROs struggle with identifying top talent in competitive markets. Draup's Talent Intelligence product provides insights to attract, engage, and retain key professionals.

Skill Alignment

Aligning employee skills with organizational needs is challenging. Draup's solution aids CHROs in strategic workforce planning, ensuring a skilled and agile team.

Diversity and Inclusion

Achieving diversity goals can be difficult. Draup's Talent Intelligence fosters inclusive hiring practices, helping CHROs build diverse and dynamic teams.

Employee Retention

CHROs grapple with retaining top talent as competition for skilled professionals intensifies. Strategies to enhance employee engagement and satisfaction are crucial for reducing turnover and sustaining organisational success.

Build your future-ready workforce with Draup.

Intelligence that powers your Talent strategy.

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