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Slash Sales Cycles

Fast Track your Sales Motion
with AI-Powered Sales Intelligence

AI-Powered Sales Intelligence Platform

Digital technology stack and outsourcing trends in target accounts.

Decision-making ecosystem along with their contact information.

Identification of key use cases and exact pain points.

Assisted custom messaging for strategic Sales and ABM motions.

Fast Track Revenue Generation and Growth with
AI-Powered Deep Intelligence

The Automotive Ecosystem: Service Provider Opportunities

Automotive Ecosystem
Semicon Roadmap

The Semiconductor Roadmap for 2023 and Beyond: The Future of an Evolving Industry

Securing the Digital Frontier: An Analysis of Cybersecurity Landscape and Trends

Cybersecurity Landscape
Generative AI Landscape

The Generative AI Landscape: A Comprehensive Ecosystem Overview

How it works


Gain in-depth understanding of target accounts

Identify and shortlist prospects

Account penetration strategies, factoring in prospect's pain points and KPIs


Identify emerging digital initiatives and market maps over 33 industries

Track live updates on partnerships, deal renewals, executive movements and more

Seize new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition


Analyze trends around major industry and senior prospects

Identify the right decision-makers and point-of-contacts

Craft highly personalized sales pitches and engagement strategies

Account Intelligence

In-depth understanding of an account

Identify & shortlist prospects

Craft personalized strategies to address your prospects' pain points

Industry Intelligence

Identify emerging digital initiatives & market maps over 33 industries

Track live updates on partnerships, deal renewals, executive movements & more

Seize new opportunities & stay ahead of the competition

Buyer Intelligence

Analyze major industry & account executives

Identify the right decision-makers for point-of-contacts

Curate highly personalized sales engagement strategies

Unable to micro-target your prospects?

Poor Lead Quality

Sales and Marketing leaders often grapple with lead quality, struggling to identify and target high-potential prospects. This leads to wasted resources and hindered conversion rates, impacting overall revenue generation.

Lack of Actionable Market Insight

Without comprehensive market insights, organizations may miss opportunities, struggle to adapt to market changes, and face challenges in positioning themselves effectively against competitors.

Long Sales Cycle

Delays in closing deals not only impact revenue streams but also increase the risk of losing potential customers to competitors. Shortening the sales cycle is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

Lack of Competitive Edge

Sales and Marketing leaders need to differentiate their offerings, understand competitor strategies, and consistently position their products or services effectively. Without a clear competitive edge, organizations may find it difficult to capture and retain market share.

Fast track ABM Motion and Revenue Generation with Draup.

Precision insights, limitless possibilities.

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