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Showcasing Learning Journeys for Better Employee Engagement

Learning and development (L&D) has always been a crucial component of Human Resources’ (HR) strategy in an organization. As the businesses are evolving, so are the HR processes. Our recent creation of plotting ‘Learning Journeys’ will make the HRs step ahead in their employee communication with a defined model of specific job-role transitions.

Human power in an organization is managed by the HR department. HR leaders play a strategic role in designing specific measures that can lead to enhanced employee performance in a short span of time. The learning journey is considered as the new generation L&D program with a multi-dimensional learning framework covering several elements to craft it.

The high-performance learning journey is characterized based on various dimensions. Some of them are:

  • Segregating key modules with respect to time: Smaller chunks of modules give enough time to the learner to comprehend, implement, and execute before proceeding to the next level.
  • Providing a holistic learning experience: Employees have their own space of learning channels with virtual classrooms, on-the-job training, social learning, be a supervisor, etc.
  • Learning a gamut of new-age tools: As the tools and technologies are advancing rapidly, upgrading the skillsets of employees to stay upfront in this digital era is becoming very crucial.
  • Linking business KPIs with the targeted assignments: HR leaders need to map the organizational objectives with the specific skills & technologies in demand to develop targeted learning assignments.

When all these action plans are bunched together, one can expect a high-performance learning journey and become capable of handling the tasks involved in the transitioned job role. One such example is the learning journey of a Call Center Representative and how a person can take up small learning modules to evolve as a Digital Marketing Analyst.

Draup tracked the whole journey process which involved different course modules starting from ‘Basics of Marketing’ in the first week to ending with ‘Web Performance Optimization’ in the tenth week. Each of the course plays a key part in enhancing the skillsets of the learner with new-age tools like Google Adwords, Analytics, Oracle Maxymiser, etc.

Draup is developing a unique model for plotting learning journeys across various job roles and where they can head to within an industry. HR leaders are looking for such unique techniques to design various learning journeys for better employee communication. This will not only establish a learning culture but also augment the performance of the employee as well as the organization.