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Culture fitment for better employee engagement and retention

Employee Engagement November 15, 2019

Culture fitment for better employee engagement and retention


Every organization, be it established firm or a start-up, has a culture of their own. Likewise, any employee, fresher or tenured has a preferred work culture based on their personality. Aligning with employees’ personality characteristics with the organizational culture is critical for talent acquisition and sustainable business progressions.

The controversies around one of the leading tech mobility giants has been a lesson. Despite excelling in their technology front of their business, they realised the bitter truth that it needs a good culture in order to sustain. Employees struggled to raise their voice on unethical behaviour and misconduct. This led to a major break down of their work culture as management overlooked this crucial aspect.

Work culture is not a neglected factor anymore. According to our research analysis, there’s a correlation between work culture and employee retention, i.e., stronger the work culture, better the employee engagement and vice versa. The employers are showing readiness to invest on research and resources to get the culture right.

To build a strong culture, it’s imperative to create or change the context, which could be either based on the overall business road map or your internal workforce solutions/infrastructure. Such an alignment will create a progressive work environment that would have a tremendous impact on employee morale and overall development.

Recruitment specialists are briefing the candidates about their work environment encompassing company’s mission, vision and values to attract the right talent.

For instance, if the company is into disruptive innovation, the employees suitable for this environment would be those who are more risk tolerant, flexible and proactive. However, a customer-centric or a quality-centric company would need their employees to be more process-driven and conscientious so that their results are consistent.

Anyone who is wired differently may impede the company’s success, however, this cannot be generalised. For instance, an innovative company would eventually open to candidates who are conscientious when they are ready to build a process. Hence, it would be wise to consider culture fit as one of the many parameters of selection.

  • At Adobe, teams have their own unique culture which are showcased on the website under each department providing its insight. They use “#AdobeLife” to share these highlights of a day on respective social media platforms.
  • “Google Diversity” showcases organization’s demographics statistically and how it supports diversity in workforce planning in acquiring new talents, work environment, educational programs and other initiatives.

Though employee turnover and degrading hire quality are top-rated concerns, companies are embracing organizational fit to battle such issues and creating a roadmap towards its sustainability. Companies are investing in employees having immense capability and driving their ideas that are critical for its innovation and growth in a longer-run.

A new employee during induction gets an overview about their new company and its culture. A few things they mostly look out for are: –

  • How the leaders treat their team
  • Growth potential
  • How the successful employees perform and communicate

This gives them a route to find themselves in the company, which is nothing but the cultural influence. To make an organization’s culture strong and loud, the leaders of the company need to speak and act more in alignment with their culture so that it reaches out to all the employees.

benefit of culture fit

Draup, our AI-based reskilling and talent intelligence platform provides curated insights that helps HR executives comprehend specific organizational requirements. With a 360-degree talent assessment, we have a profile pedigree analysing a talent’s personality attributes and cultural fit thereby aligning the organizational culture. Our platform enables decision-making for recruitment as well as skill development thereby leading to sustainable employee engagement / retention.

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