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Reskill roles to UX Designers & Improve customer experience

October 18, 2019

Reskill roles to UX Designers & Improve customer experience


UI/UX has proved to be the most critical aspect for the success of digital solutions with today’s tech savvy users. Personalisation and customization are two major components of next generation solutions.


Due to this growing importance, World Economic Forum has identified UX designers as one of the critical new-age roles emerging across industries.


This need for personalisation and customisation created an enormous need for UI/UX designers which eventually created the existing skill gap. This transformation has created ~300% rise in demand for UX Designers. However, the existing supply is unable to cater to the UX talent demand.


To address the supply demand gaps, companies are finding innovative solutions including reskilling their existing workforce to build their UX design teams.

Reskill roles to UX Designers


Some of the adjacent roles that can be reskilled into UX/UI Designers are:

  • Software engineers: Most organizations tend to have software engineers working on legacy solutions who can be reskilled to build design related capabilities.
  • Graphic designers, Interaction designers, HCI designers, Web designers can be reskilled to gain expertise in coding to take the UI/UX career path.


Organizations are leveraging various online and offline tools to reskill existing talent to build strong UI/UX teams.

  • Institute of product leadership:
    • Course designed for those working in UI component – 4 week Bootcamp
    • Introduces UX research, information architecture and navigation, wireframing, visual design, high fidelity prototyping and advanced usability testing.
  • Lynda:
    • Courses for professionals as well as freshers
    • Covers methods to design and iterate design for apps, UXPin tools for developers which help to develop day to day workflow.


The supply-demand gap has created a skill gap in organizations. This gap can only be addressed by reskilling the adjacent redundant role. A reskilling framework built with sturdy micro and macro learning modules create new-age UI/UX designers. This eventually helps in improving UX which in turn helps organizations to win the tech-savvy users loyalty.

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