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Draup’s Digital ROI model is live!

February 18, 2020

Draup’s Digital ROI model is live!
Ganesh Subramaniam

Senior Consultant at Draup


The success of enterprise digitization truly relies on the ROI achieved by digitalizing/automating specific use-cases in the organization. Our hierarchical ROI model is live.  This model follows the hierarchy of Digital Tech Stack – Digital Intentions – Use Cases – Customer Scenarios – Workflow – KPIs – ROI.  For example, when it comes to Predictive hiring the following are the KPIs and ROI.

Digitization is reinventing the way organizations function fundamentally. But the success of enterprise digitization truly relies on the ROI achieved by integrating specific use-cases. Draup’s ROI Mapper is built with the aim to help you explore digital use cases across verticals and assess the respective ROI impact to articulate your business case.

Our ROI mapper follows the hierarchy of Digital Tech Stack to achieve a singular view on enterprise Digital Intentions and their respective use-cases. Clustering these use-cases with intentions paves path to identify the workflow scenarios that vary by degree of automation. The impact of automation on workflow under multiple scenarios helps us to quantify different KPIs related to the workflow.

For example, we used our ROI mapper to analyse the impact of predictive hiring solution on traditional recruitment process. Our findings are as follows:

Using predictive hiring models to reduce the average time taken for hiring and increase the hiring quality

Tangible KPIs
Time to Hire: Average reduction of ~67%. Quality of Hire: Average increase in hiring quality by ~78%

Intangible KPIs
Increase in hiring quality leads to low attrition rate. High Candidate Engagement

Unilever, a consumer goods giant introduced Pymetrics’ predictive hiring solution to its traditional hiring process. The anticipated result is a staggering reduction of 75% in the average time spent by a recruiter.

We at Draup analyse 1200+ Product and Industry level technology case-studies to help you with the use case level KPIs affected across different scenarios in the business environment.