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Sales Intelligence Platform

Sales intelligence platform helps predict the Enterprise digital needs

Home Depot’s recent integration of FireEye, a security tool indicates that they have a strong intent to strengthen their security systems.  Models that can predict the next set of Digital tools a company like Home Depot may procure based on their intentions is a game-changer for technology companies.

New-gen retail businesses rely heavily on digital tools. From omnichannel communications to supply chain management, retailers leverage a digital platform for every single task on their plate. This changing nature of retail means tech leaders have unique opportunities to collaborate with retailers to address their specific use-cases.

It is vital to track the tools leveraged by every retailer across major digital use-cases like supply chain management, online/offline Store Operations etc. to understand the buying trends. This data can help in quantifying the most prominently leveraged tools for a use-case across retail industry. Such a model is highly valuable for technology executives to identify the low-hanging opportunities and curate an ideal value proposition.

Case Study – Home Depot

Home Depot recently integrated FireEye, a malware protection system that is being highly leveraged by more than 20 top retailers in NA. By analysing the digital intentions and signals of Home Depot, technology providers can predict the next set of tools Home Depot may procure.

Home Depot is focused on reducing the omnichannel supply-chain costs primarily shipping and inventory costs using Big data. Around 25 companies leverage Oracle’s warehouse management system to enhance their inventory and shipping operation using automation and analytics.

Predicting the digital needs of enterprises is highly helpful for executives to forecast the buying behaviour and decision making of enterprises. Such models are also helping technology service providers tag their service offerings like Legacy modernization, Analytics, cloud etc. to curate the ideal sales pitch.

At Draup, we are able to precisely quantify the specific digital tools that a company is using across each use case. Our predictions are curated by mapping the digital intentions of enterprises and the key tools that are leveraged by other industry peers.