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Real-time opportunity monitoring delivers outstanding business intelligence

Timing is the key driver for sales success in digital era. The ability of a sales executive to identify opportunities in the right time to pitch an apt value proposition is critical for success. Realising the value of opportunities identification and real-time monitoring of the ecosystem can help executives capitalize on the low-hanging opportunities.

To succeed and gain competitive edge in digital era, businesses like Service providers need to be on their toes about the new-age technology opportunities. These opportunities are usually hidden behind the digital intentions of enterprises and can be mapped only by being aware of their ecosystem movements. Draup has started tracking these ecosystem movements to help our clients to maintain its competitive edge through various channels by closely monitoring the technology signals.

Draup’s opportunity monitoring team encompasses a team of research analysts and SMEs to monitor digital ecosystem movements that generate high-value signals in industry/technology/account level. The team primarily leverages Draup’s proprietary backend databases to analyse the prospect accounts for actionable insights. The team tracks all relevant signals across multiple areas such as

  • Product Design/Development/Launch initiatives
  • Partnerships
  • New R&D/Digital/CoE setup
  • Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Hiring & Restructuring initiatives
  • Technology Investment areas

An interesting case study is our analysis of launch of a cloud-based data management software by a US-based medical device giant. This software is built with an intent to work with the company’s drug-delivery solution and enable multiple use-cases for clinicians. Our team helped one of our clients to identify the opportunities by analysing the use-cases and the company’s outsourcing intentions. Some of the opportunities we mapped with the solution include:

  • Enterprise Cloud services like cloud migration, Application services etc.
  • Automation opportunities around RPA, AI/ML.
  • Data warehousing and analytics

Our opportunities monitoring team has started to deliver such valuable signals to some of our clients on a weekly basis in modules such as weekly alert dashboards, nano reports, and quick alerts. Such delivery modules are keeping our clients to stay on their toes and take instant steps to achieve competitive edge in their sales pitch.