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Data center

Evolution of data centers to enable AI-based Business Intelligence

As we experience the dawn of the new computing era, came along with this era are the data centers. Since then, it has been facilitating data backup and recovery, managing enterprises’ IT operations via a centralized location. But, as the world progresses with the evolution of new-age technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Hybrid Cloud, data centers are being considered as the core of the digital ecosystem.

Enterprises are embracing data-driven business intelligence models for utilizing data to its maximum potential. As a result, data has emerged as a valuable asset and a significant part of almost every business function. AI and hybrid-cloud based data centers are constantly transforming this space, generating a host of new efficiencies to handle servers, computers, and network infrastructure, etc.

With the demand skyrocketing every year and customers moving towards Hybrid-cloud strategy, the multi-tenant data center transformation has become critical. Enterprises are looking for AI and Hybrid-Cloud data center solutions by service providers who can offer them unique advantages:

Unified Architecture and Management –

New-age data centers are a repertoire of computing, networking, and storage and can be easily scaled up to meet future demands.

Unified Resources –

Cloud-based data centers are highly efficient in resource utilization by allocating optimal resources as and when required for specific tasks.

Unified Computing Service Ecosystem –

On-demand service, virtualization, dynamic hardware movement are key components of a unified computing ecosystem. This service helps in curbing the costs to manage and acquire, enhancing the speed, performance and system’s agility.

Service providers are taking this opportunity to present exclusive AI and cloud-based next-gen data center architectures and solutions. For instance, Huawei recently strengthened its data center offerings arsenal with products like FusionDC 2.0, Huawei OptiXtrans DC908 and High-Power Density UPS Power Module.

These products are aimed at facilitating new-generation data center architectures and solutions based on AI and hybrid clouds, safeguarding the transformation and development of the multi-tenant data center service industry.

Industry players and ecosystem service providers are betting heavily on the computing architecture innovation, AI, and hybrid cloud to transform the Data Centers of Future. Draup’s ecosystem and digital intentions enable service providers to gain insights on new-age data centers. Our sales intelligence tool gives acute information on current trends of data centers and the technology stack leverage by enterprises to enable various use-cases.