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Recruit a skilled and diverse workforce for any target role

  • 50% Faster Talent Acquisition
  • 60% Reduction in Talent Costs
  • Skill-Level Granular Data
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Find the Right Talent

Draup is the Artificial Intelligence-Driven Talent Intelligence solution of choice for global enterprises

Experience next-generation recruitment. Powered by AI and talent insights. Built on real-time data sets.

Access a talent pool of over 750 Million professionals across 2,500 Roles, and 30,000 Skills from over 2,000 locations


Microtarget your Talent Search

Refine your candidate search with 40+ advanced search filters, including location, job titles, companies, industries, & more.



Access a Wider Candidate Pool

Survey Draup’s extensive databases to discover quality talent, even from non-traditional sources that are often overlooked.

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Hire a Future-ready Workforce

Real-time insights into candidate persona to identify profiles equipped with essential skills to bypass potential talent shortages.

Draup's Recruitment Features Help Build World-class Teams.

Hire diverse candidates, design high-performing teams, and sustain long-term employee engagement.

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Hire a Global Workforce

Identify a diverse talent pool for your target roles and use talent search queries to micro-target candidates.

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360-Degree Insights into Candidate Persona

Explore individual profiles across 40+ parameters backed by talent insights to make quality decisions.

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Explore Peer Diversity Initiatives

Explore diversity-related engagement across industries & strategize based on peer practices.

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Dive Deeper into Candidate Profiles

Go beyond self-reported data to validate and assess a candidate’s talent attributes with diverse datasets.

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Blind Hire to Minimize Bias & Maximize Talent

Remove information on name, gender, race and ethnicity to hire without bias.

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Comprehensive Skills Analysis

Analyze the skillets of candidates based on their existing skills and potential next roles for reskilling.

John B, Senior Director, Corporate Talent Acquisition

"Draup offers fantastic customer service, rivaled only by the insight gained from their talent data. Don't assume there is something that Draup cannot assist with from a talent perspective, because they probably can. We have yet to task them with something they haven't been able to deliver upon."

John B Senior Director, Corporate Talent Acquisition Draup for Talent Reviews on G2

Attract & Retain Employees with 360-Degree Talent Insights

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