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How Workforce Planning Forges a Robust Organization

Workforce planning August 6, 2021

How Workforce Planning Forges a Robust Organization


In the future, every company will be a tech-first entity. They cannot keep technology as a separate department and a siloed entity. They must embed technology and requisite functional expertise across all parts of the business.

AI, IoT, and robotics have matured into a collection of powerful technologies helping companies deliver value and competitive advantage. Companies are viewing the implementation of strong AI capabilities as imperative to staying competitive.

According to a study, by 2028, 73% of all teams will have remote workers and the traditional full-time position.

As automation permeates into the workforce, employees will need digital skills to design, maintain, and collaborate with machines. On the other, the management must leverage technology to plan their workforce to unleash the potential of people and ecosystems to serve stakeholders and society.

How will Technology Reshape the Workplace?

From communication methods to solutions, here’s how AI will shape the workforce.

Perfects talent management

AI analyses thousands of resumes, detects a list of potential candidates, interacts with them, and builds a healthy pipeline of the best candidates. Then, it will select the right candidate by assessing their skills, personality, and organizational fit.

AI analyzes even assessments. Facial recognition detects cheating and filters results, saving human recruiters’ time. After the onboarding, AI assesses performance and suggests training/coaching, and conducts quarterly assessments.

It will send personalized training and development programs involving micro-learning classes, retaining staff. Moreover, AI can analyze results and offer training depending on the missing skills.

Keeps organizations organized

Technology helps with building, delegating, reviewing, and assessing a task. The insights help employers and managers track progress.

AI-enabled software improves the workflow and boosts productivity. It assesses risk and red flags any projects that go off track. AI-enabled space management software keeps the workplace organized, resulting in improved space utilization.

Improves organizational productivity

AI enables organizations to overcome the challenges of executing strategy every day. While it handles mundane tasks, humans will focus on complex problems. Besides, it can analyze sales calls and offer real-time tips for managers.

Managers can track progress during every phase and offer immediate reinforcement or coaching to help employees keep up with deadlines and perform at par. AI enables employees to get things done faster and with precision, discouraging workplace distractions and raising productivity.

Manages cost

While profitability is a company’s goal, keeping costs low to maintain fiscal health is a challenge. Every company has core tasks that need dedicated people to handle them driving up expenses.

AI-based tools track hiring trends, foresee requirements, and flag any talent-related costs that have exceeded budgets by integrating different tasks. Automated tasks record the date and time which can be referred to in the future to manage/reduce costs and provide profitability.

Betters the collaboration

Tomorrow’s organizations will have humans and machines collaborating. The human-machine collaboration will increase productivity and revenue by 38%. 2/3rds of business leaders think it will help achieve strategic priorities faster and efficiently.

AI will bring a high level of flexibility, allowing employees, co-workers, and managers to connect from anywhere. This geographically dispersed staff can easily find, share, and maintain knowledge with semantic search and NLP.

AI can connect relevant data sources and offer essential information metrics helping employees and management to work efficiently. Also, the teams can communicate with stakeholders and clients and keep each other updated about progress and performance.

Keeps the business secure

Technology plays a vital role in fulfilling demands for a high level of security. Its end-to-end hardware and software-based data encryption authorize parties to retrieve and read the data. Additionally, fingerprint and facial recognition add an extra level of protection to the system.

With the constant threat of data leakages, proper security measures implemented in the workplace helps keep important information safe. It is easy to keep track of employees and stakeholders to ensure they are not going against the company’s interests.

Improves employee efficiency

AI-based tools are helping employees to optimize the daily working routine and allows employees to focus on essential tasks, which enables them to meet deadlines, resulting in client satisfaction. As tech reduces the amount of time and effort spent on daily activities, employees can develop new ideas.

Enables remote working

With telecommuting and remote working becoming mainstream, workplaces will integrate remote workers through mobile and cloud. The interconnected workplaces have resulted in a global workforce that is hinged together with connectivity and portability.

Telerobotics, machines operated by humans remotely integrated with virtual reality, can reshape the workspace. Remote workers working from home still feel at the office and participate in virtual ‘in-person’ meetings. AI will make remote working efficient and increase work-life balance.

To conclude, with AI managing most administrative tasks and bureaucratic processes, future organizations will be more efficient, productive, and more humane. In the organization of tomorrow, while AI will manage tasks and processes, humans will perform creative and business tasks, thereby augmenting humans.

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