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DevOps Talent

Find The Right DevOps Talent For Your Business

The wall between software developers and IT operations teams are gradually breaking down. The recent spurt in demand for DevOps talent is testimony to this trend.  

With DevOps being one of the trendiest job title in the market, recruiters are finding it difficult to find the right talent.  

Given the fact that DevOps is a completely new way of thinking, this might not be the right career track for every IT professional. But that doesn’t stop people from applying for DevOps positions. 

This makes it even more important for recruiters and talent management teams to understand the workload of a typical DevOps professional and what kind of technology thinking is expected from them.  

Here are some key traits to look for when scouting for DevOps talent. 

  1. Check if they make informed decisions: DevOps is a relatively new field. Decision-making from experience cannot be expected from every professional. Instead, they should show a knack for making decisions based on all the information available to them. And when this information is not readily available, they should know where to get this data from.  
  2. Scale your DevOps expectations: DevOps can mean different things in different teams within the same organizations. For example, one team might be on the lookout for a developer with a background in infrastructure while another might be looking for someone with experience in Linux scripting. 
  3. Look beyond traditional recruitment sites: It’s no secret that conventional recruitment channels have been choked with below-par talent for a while now. Services such as TalentBin, Gildare suitable alternatives. They collect and organize information from different sources to present a more complete picture of potential candidates. A similar, more powerful feature is present in Draup for Talent’s Rolodex feature. 

Rolodex gives a comprehensive snapshot view of an executive. It gives the Designation, Location, Business Unit, Function, Hiring Opportunity Index, Skills, Tools Experience, Promotion Odds, Likeliness to Move, etc., of the employee. 

However, the task doesn’t end at finding candidates. Recruiters also need to assess whether they are a right fit for the role.  

Unfortunately, not all recruiters are familiar with the workloads of a DevOps professional. 

In such cases, you can refer to the below DevOps cheatsheet for a quick reference and understanding.


DevOps Cheatsheet

Draup for Talent providers recruiters with a holistic view of the DevOps talent ecosystem. The Ecosystem features delivers talent management teams with comprehensive view of the talent ecosystem for DevOps roles across geographies and industry verticals. 

You can examine the DevOps talent availability across regions for your business use cases and check their hireability quotient and experience levels.