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Cut Talent Acquisition Time by 50%: Shortlist Candidates in One-Click

Draup has launched a Chrome extension for its customers. The Chrome extension enables Draup for Talent’s customers to shortlist candidate profiles from the Chrome browser. 

Features of the Chrome Extension 

The intuitive user interface has two main features: 

  1. Create project groups – The extension will enable you to create and launch project groups on the Chrome browser without going into the Draup for Talent platform. Any candidate profiles you add will auto-populate in the project group.
  2. Single-click shortlisting – You can add and shortlist profiles in one click when you see a LinkedIn profile. When you add a profile, the profile auto-populates in the project. Shortlist potential candidates without leaving LinkedIn and manually adding profiles to the platform.

Draup for Talent is trusted by Talent Acquisition teams worldwide for it’s ability to recruit a skilled and diverse talent pool with Draup’s location, role, and skill insights.

With this new extension, recruitment teams can now:

  • Target and Hire from Emerging Talent Hotspots 

Search for talent from non-traditional sources to minimize acquisition costs and reduce time-to-hire  

  • Find the Right Candidate 

Granular insights into a candidate profile enable you to match their skills portfolio with the target role 

  • Identify Universities with Target Talent 

Complement traditional talent acquisition strategies with insights on early career talent 

  • 360-Degree Insights into Candidate Persona 

Go beyond self-reported data to validate and assess a candidate’s talent attributes with talent insights across 40+ parameters 

  • Meet your Diversity & Inclusion Targets 

Search and recruit candidates that match your D&I aspirations with features such as Blind Hiring mode and more 

Benefits of the Chrome Extension 

Apart from the fact that the Chrome extension allows you to increase productivity and reduces distractions, 

  1. It bridges the gap between the LinkedIn profiles and the users’ Draup experience.
  2. It makes head hunting and adding candidates to your projects easy and quick.

Watch the video below to learn more.

Draup for Talent’s Chrome extension enables you to shortlist desirable profiles and view them to know the candidates’ skills, education, and contact information. Fortune-500 companies trust it to assess talent attributes and receive in-depth candidate information. 

Shortlist from Chrome and add candidates to your Draup project. 

Optimize your Talent Acquisition Costs & Find the Right Candidate Quicker with Draup’s Talent Intelligence Platform.