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Healthcare ecosystem

Understanding the Boston Healthcare Ecosystem

AI is the driving force behind the industry’s digital transformation

Draup is performing an in-depth analysis of the Digital Healthcare ecosystem in Boston along with inputs from primary interviews with Boston-based stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem. Boston has always been the pioneer of the healthcare industry, and with the advent of new age technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud, and Robotics, it is on the road to becoming the leader in digital healthcare as well. Artificial Intelligence is the major technology that is reshaping the healthcare industry in Boston.

A bundle of socio-economic factors like government support, leniency in FDA approvals and strong academia along with technological advancements in the form of mature AI algorithms and more open source platforms are seen as major factors driving the adoption of digital use-cases across the healthcare ecosystem.

We have identified five major players in Boston that are leveraging this along with Artificial Intelligence to develop solutions in niche healthcare segments.

  • Universities: They are working toward early diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases like Cancer and other neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Tech Giants: They are leveraging their AI/ML capabilities to develop off-the-shelf platforms to collect, analyze, and transform data from different medical devices and overcome the challenge of interoperability.
  • G500 Companies: Boston is home to 19 G500 medical devices companies. Technology giants are collaborating with these companies to leverage their healthcare capabilities to develop AI-based solutions.
  • Start-ups: Start-ups in Boston are working on data-based platforms and traditional healthcare sub-verticals to develop solutions like remote monitoring and predictive analytics.
  • Research Institutions: Boston has a number of internationally acclaimed research institutions solving healthcare problems like chronic disease prevention, aging, cancer, and drug development.

You can access the reports in Braindesk that have comprehensively outlined digital advancements in the healthcare ecosystem.