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Test automation and ROI

Test automation and ROI: Sensation in Pandemic

Agility and quality being the triumph of the business world, organizations are relentlessly engaged in digital transformation efforts. With the pandemicthe focus of organizations on costcutting measures gained significant attentionhence expediting automationWith automation scenarios, testing enters the stageas the quality is imperative for success. Test automation serves the best compared to manual testing if the objective is to avail quick results.  

Test automation is the procedure of testing the scenarios through modern agile testing methods, managing the test data and leveraging results for improvement. Proactively testing automated scenarios ensures quality and indicates strategic planning. Planning for test automation? Then play it right with suitable scenarios. The criteria for a test to be automated are repeatable scenarios, determinant scenarios that yield the uniform output with the same input and unopinionated. Several types of automated tests such as Unit tests for testing individual components, Smoke tests for stability, Functional testing for functional performance evaluations along with many others are used across industries. 

The role of newage technologies like Artificial intelligence in test automation has been a hot topic in business for a while nowTech leaders like Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, quoted that We’re moving from a mobile-first to an AI-first world which rants gaining opportunities in integration of AI into test automation. Adding to thesekey leaders have been emphasizing on the benefits of adopting them for agesGoogle follows a novel approach called Testing on the toilet which displays test development codes on the walls of washrooms, encouraging the testing mindset of Googlers 

The bottom line of test automation is the financial return for the organization. A survey done by European Software Testing Benchmark Report suggests that 81 % of the participants received ROI on test automation investment within one year, and 24% see an immediate increase in ROI. Tech giants such as Facebook, Apple are investing in developing testing tools as part of dogfooding, hence accelerating the financial return. As rightly mentioned by CIO of Etihad, I know that software testers can make the company more profitable and help it grow faster. And if they can do that while lowering costs, thats remarkable. Increase in ROI is undebated owing to the expanded test coverage, cost reduction for troubleshooting and increased customer value. There are intangible benefits for test automation including time management, quicker troubleshooting process, reduction in business risk etc.,  

Test automation has stormed businesses, and organizations are adopting it at a faster rate. It reveals numerous opportunities for technology service providers to partner with companies. Keeping an eye out for the agile methodologies and pioneering test automation tools increases the chances of service providers in conquering the service industry. 

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