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Sales Intelligence: Top priorities for Technology Service Providers Post-COVID-19

Sales Intelligence: Top priorities for Technology Service Providers Post-COVID-19

With the increase in the novel-coronavirus, businesses are struggling to continue their business operations/functions seamlessly. Companies are responding to this pandemic situation in their own way and devising contingency plans to mitigate such risks in the future and sustain after post-COVID-19 world.

We, at Draup, are facilitating Technology Service Providers (TSP) with strategic insights to help them target their customers for sales engagement. Based on the repertoire of requests Draup received, we have figured out critical activities that TSPs can undertake to serve their clients in the Post-COVID-19 world:

1. Assess Technological Capabilities: Now is the key time for service providers to target enterprises that need new technologies. For e.g. Healthcare companies are in dire need of innovative technologies to develop a vaccine for the coronavirus disease.

2. Expand Traditional Geo Focus for Services: This is a very crucial time for TSPs to shift their focus towards global companies with high market value. Large scale enterprises are looking for such technological solutions that can ensure business continuity.

3. Create a 3-year Services Blueprint: Realization of various tech solutions like Video collaboration, telehealth solutions, AI/ML-based analytics solutions, etc. amid COVID-19 will be considered a mandate post this crisis. A strategic roadmap of the service offerings like will enhance TSPs capability in handling critical scenarios.

4. Facilitate Training and Development with Learning Academies: Learning is an ongoing process and should be commenced at regular intervals to keep the workforce updated with the latest technologies and tools in the market. Establishing a learning academy by bringing a learning culture will enhance their skills.

5. List out the potential Decision Makers: The emergence of COVID-19 brought a change in the organizational structure, creating new decision-makers to handle the critical process. Making a list of such decision-makers of the organizations is important while reaching out to them for sales enablement.

Service providers planning their activities based on these key points can be benefitted in serving the companies post-COVID-19 world. Draup is highly efficient in providing TSPs significant information on the new changes occurring within various industries. As the TSPs acquire these sales intelligence insights they can create sales engagement strategy depending on the industry requirements.