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Resetting workspaces for improved productivity in a post-COVID era

Resetting workspaces for improved productivity in a post-COVID era

As companies prepare to open the shutters of their offices after the ease in lockdown, they are placing certain technology tools and protocols to ensure compliance. Retina scanners, thermal cameras, face detection software, etc. are the innovative gadgets/tools, giving a brand-new interior look to the office environment.

Companies are preparing to open their offices in a staggered way with ~20-25% attendance and others working from home at the same time. Moving towards enhanced productivity and recovery, enterprises are adopting a holistic approach to establish a safe and secure environment with revamping business operations in both physical and virtual workspaces.

While researching on this emerging trend, we came across a few organizations that are arranging their critical assets to come into force and restart their operations in full swing:

  • Deloitte ‘Reboot’ model is an innovative employee-centric approach with empathy and listening to be at its centre for the employers. It is designed to build trust and confidence among their staff allowing them to opt-in and be heard.
  • Infosys, an IT MNC launched ‘InfyMe’ app that will grant permissions to employees who are eager to rejoin office and provide a health-related self-declaration.
  • Microsoft and UnitedHealth Group unveiled a new app ‘ProtectWell’ to help organizations screen employees based on the COVID-19 questionnaire. Taking the series of questions, they will be either cleared for work or directed to a testing process. Further, it will notify both the parties involved i.e. the staff and the employer.

Technology service providers (TSPs) can have partnership opportunities for sales enablement by offering a wide range of innovative capabilities. With every organization prioritizing the health and safety of its people, they are looking for unparalleled hi-tech solutions that can upgrade the employee’s well-being at the workplace.

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