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COVID-19: How are CIOs and CDOs preparing for the Next Normal?

COVID-19: How are CIOs and CDOs preparing for the Next Normal?

Top business leaders across organizations are having deep concerns on continuing their business operations amid COVID-19 crisis. As they are responding to the current situation by driving digital changes across organizations, they need to realign their business strategies to prepare for the post-virus-hit world. 

We, at Draup, figured out top priorities for CIOs and CDOs that can help them sail through the crisis and bounce back in the business ecosystem once the COVID-19 takes aback.

  • Engaging with Customers: Customers are a critical asset of an organization. Though business transactions seem to be grabbing a backseat in this crisis, customer engagement can help them feel valued while endorsing your brand at the same time. Conducting games, contests and other interactive sessions are gaining popularity to interact and build relationships with the customer base in this pandemic.
  • Recrafting business roadmap: As businesses are struggling to keep up with the new demands, they need to assess customer interactions, sales, inventories, optimize cash flow etc. Timely access to such information and examining the historical patterns can help you analyze customer behavior and set short-term and long-term goals to serve them.
  • Realigning Work-from-Home policies: With the success of WFH and increasing productivity, leaders are looking to adopt this as the ‘new normal’ way of working. This is the critical time for them to be at the forefront, and support their employees, clients, business partners. Various video collaboration and conferencing tools, paving the way for them.
  • Workforce digitization: Many companies have been embracing technology for now as the rise of COVID-19 compelled them to go digital. Technology service providers are playing a key role in facilitating them with cloud-based services to work remotely without interruption. However, it is crucial to focus on information security policies too, to protect their confidential assets and data.
  • Work on RPA investments: This is the obvious time to automate your business processes with Robotic Process Automation which can save you manpower amid WFH constraints. Additionally, it can curb cost, process accurately, deliver fast, and operate on a 24X7 basis.

CIOs and CDOs face critical challenges in leading the organization in times of crisis. However, adapting to the present situation and strategizing their objectives with a clear view can help them navigate the pandemic.

With technology acting as the key component for the businesses to survive, technology service providers have good opportunities to leverage their expertise and reach to the business leaders to place their offerings based on their requirements. Draup’s sales intelligence tool helps TSPs to provide specific technological requirements based on organizations. This will assist TSPs craft targeted value propositions to the top leaders of an organization to will huge sales engagement deals.