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COVID-19: Top Sales Enablement Areas for Service Providers

April 1, 2020

COVID-19: Top Sales Enablement Areas for Service Providers


Our sales intelligence analysis indicates that the pandemic COVID-19 is continuously expanding and has become a serious concern for organizations.  We have identified the top enterprise focus areas for Technology Service Providers (TSP) to align their service/ solution offerings with respect to these technology priorities.

Realizing the potential devastation on economies, companies are figuring out different ways to ensure financial stability and business continuity. Most of these enterprises are relying on new-age technology solutions that can help them steer the challenges across different business functions.

To survive in this pandemic situation, enterprises are integrating new business intelligence technologies like Demand forecasting, Marketing automation, Supply chain analytics, etc. The challenge for enterprises will be to scale these solutions effectively and securely.

Though this distressing situation has become a curse for most of the business sectors, service providers seem to gain a lot of opportunities amidst this crunch. Encompassing various sectors to provide services/solutions based on the industry requirements, some of their current focus areas are:

Digital Infrastructure:

With businesses compelled to work remotely, SPs are curating unique value propositions that help companies strengthen their cloud network and remote working capabilities.

Sales/Demand Forecasting:

Business planning is at the forefront of priorities for enterprises that can be eased by leveraging analytics-based sales/demand forecasting tools.

Supply Chain Intelligence:

The ability of TSPs to scale supply chain use cases and enable critical insights will be crucial for enterprises across automotive, semiconductors and medical device industries.

Customer Support:

Companies are investing in customer support tools to enable personnel to collaborate remotely and support/resolve customer high priority issues.

Learning Academy:

Employee training is a high-priority during the COVID-19 crisis. Learning academies with accessible training modules and remote tutoring solutions are gaining huge traction among leaders. Technology partners that help enterprises to embed cloud and remote access in learning academies are expected to be deal-winners.

Draup’s AI-driven sales intelligence platform enables SPs to gain acute insights on industry trends in critical conditions like COVID-19. These insights play a crucial role in understanding the enterprise priorities across different industry verticals and devise ideal value propositions for sales engagement.