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Aspire to Inspire: Re-imagining Market Strategies for The Post-Covid Era

Sales Intelligence Tool November 25, 2020

Aspire to Inspire: Re-imagining Market Strategies for The Post-Covid Era


With the prolonged presence of the pandemic in the frame, professional and personal lives worldwide are disrupted, gasping for normalcy. Despite Coronavirus affecting all industries alike, the most exigent challenges had to be faced by the world of sales and marketing. Read along to know more about global brands’ inspirational stories and gain insights to up your game at the present-day market. 

The post-covid era is viewed as the most challenging time for the sales and marketing sector. Consumer-buyer behaviors and attitudes have seen a sharp shift from luxury commodities to minimalism and essential goods. Stay at home orders and restricted movement has affected a range of services to the extent of reaching redundancy.  

In response to these rising challenges, marketers worldwide are striving to re-imagine their sales strategies and recalibrate their approaches at rapid speed. While the shift from traditional to digital channels has been underway for long, the emergence of COVID-19 has accelerated the process for non-digital-native industries.  

Global brands such as PepsiCo were soon to gauge the scenario and make a smart shift with initiatives like, which made provisions for consumers to sample a wide range of PepsiCo products that are nearing the end of shelf life, delivered directly to them at a stellar price. Merchandise brands like Fabindia launched their popular white glove service that made provisions for their customers to access and try their products at the comfort of their homes.  

On the other hand, the cosmetic industry was quick to enhance their AOV in the case of brands like Lookfantastic and LOréal, which focused on rebranding, packaging, and revamping their utility reach. Admiral, Homebase, Airbnb, Sky Bet- BundesligaSmith & Caugheys are a few other prominent names from across industries that championed through the rough pandemic phase and earned a spot for themselves in the global market.  

Here are some key insights we have gathered from many such notable brands that revolutionized the sales and marketing arena to suit the post-covid era:  

  • Online Visibility: Work on making product descriptions, service details, and protocols as well as elaborate consumer reviews and ratings easily available to your consumers online. This shall increase their likeliness of researching your products and services beforehand and make assured purchases.  
  • Look and FeelDespite the growing trend of e-commerce and teleshopping practices, the consumer desire to get the look and feel of products before a big purchase is expected to remain constant. Hence, work out ways to reach your products to consumers for trials or make them easily available in common areas.  
  • Trusted Brand Name: With the growing concerns about hygiene practices and the love for local goods and services, consumers are likely to develop a favorable attitude towards brands that provide indigenous relevance and local endorsements to establish trust. Invest in creating a story that consumers across locations can resonate with and feel connected with.  
  • Think CommunityThe uncertainty brought in by the pandemic’s testing times has resulted in an increasingly favorable attitude towards collectivistic pursuits. Consumer attitudes have changed from individualistic to community perspectives very swiftly. Hence, incorporating stories of social impact and providing tangible evidence makes them feel cared for.  
  • Inspire!: The toughest yet the most yielding marketing strategy of recent times is to work on ways to genuinely inspire the customers to become better individuals with the help of your products and services than just persuading them to own better things. Global brands like Lego, Nike, Guinness, BrewDog, and others are some such names that have stood out for their most inspiring marketing strategies and have thereby peaked their sales during the pandemic.  

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