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One step towards Psychology, a giant leap towards UI/UX

At Draup, we believe the biggest talent pool you have to manage digital skills demand is your existing workforce.  We have a very interesting case study around this.  When we analysed the paths, our models showed that many successful UI designers had psychological background.

Major software enterprises have turned towards their existing workforce to manage digital skills demand. They have found and manifested better results in reskilling initiatives over hiring a new workforce. Another corresponding trend seen among these corporations in tackling the talent requirements is, nurturing multi-disciplinary talent pools.

Draup’s career path analysis revealed that many successful UI designers and researchers hailed from a psychological background. This impeccably explains the instance of enterprises such as Uber and Netflix opening their doors to psychologists to ensure top notch customer experience.

Uber utilizes the principles of human evaluations, their impact on future choices, isolation aversion, goal orientation and operational transparency in optimizing the customer experience. Similarly, Netflix analyses the pattern of stress response, emotional reactivity, cueing effect to create a positive experience among their viewers and have a lasting impact.

Psychologists, on the other hand are on a look out for reskilling opportunities that helps them acquire designing and research skills. Draup’s reskilling model have been instrumental in facilitating their career transformation to UI/UX by mapping the specific courses designed for the industry.

Draup, a machine-learning based talent intelligence platform, has evolved to be a unique contributor for the emerging era of blurred boundaries and multi-disciplinary approaches. Our platform maps 40,000+ courses and certifications across universities and online/offline academic programs to assist traditional workforce attain digital career paths.