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Industry 4.0 is disrupting talent in Telecom Companies

Telecommunication industry is a key enabler of connectivity for every industry leading them to flourish in this digital era. The evolution of Industry 4.0 is driving Telcos to leverage new-age digital technologies and transform itself and sustain in this competitive business market.

Telecommunications has come a long way since its inception from those long traditional modes of communication to just a few seconds away from the point of contact. But when it comes to digitization, Telcos are still in the process of unravelling this puzzle and is lagging due to its extensive skill demands.

Talent acquisition across telecom industry is a critical factor for HR and business leaders as they face dual critical skill challenges:


  • Hiring skilled talent in this competitive world: Hunting for talents skilled in IoT, AI/ML, 5G, etc. is becoming a tough battle for HRs to win this competition of acquiring the best talent.
  • Career growth is becoming obsolete: Talents in this sector are finding it hard to grow due to their lack of digital skills leading to less opportunities in their respective career paths.


Industry 4.0 is Disrupting Talent in Telecom Industry

Companies are addressing such challenges by refining its L&D programs to reskill their traditional workforces with new-age skills like 5G, AI/ML, Data Science etc. Companies are empowering their employees with desired digital skills through these micro & macro-learning programs. They are constantly evolving to bring their vision to life and sustain in this high-tech environment.
A traditional RF Engineer can take the following courses to transition to new-age roles:


  • 5G Design & Optimization RF Engineer
    • Courses: 5G Radio Network Design + Planning & Optimization Training
      • Skills acquired: LTE-Advanced Pro, 5G, mmWave, Radar, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth/BLE/BT5.0, Zigbee, Satellite Communications
  • 5G Wireless RF Engineer
    • Courses: 5G Radio Systems and Wireless Networks
      • Skills acquired: RF planning, LTE-Advanced Pro, Radio Wave Propagation and Modeling, RF Modelling and Simulation etc.


It is becoming evident that micro and macro learning platforms are becoming critical components of Enterprises’ L&D strategy. HR leaders are on road to rebuild their workforce by reskilling their talents with new-age digital skills thereby leading them to a sustainable career progression.