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Why a Full-stack Engineer role has become the most demanded job role

September 4, 2019

Why a Full-stack Engineer role has become the most demanded job role


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the availability of jobs in Full-stack Development will rise from 135,000 to more than 853,000 by 2024. Full-stack developers are in demand more than ever, because of the rising need for digitization and software solutions across various enterprises.


The vacancies of Full-stack engineers are about 2% of the total IT job vacancies in the UK. Developed countries such as Canada, USA, and Germany that support development by investment in talent witness a similar trend.


Full-Stack Engineer Role


A full-stack developer understands the end-to-end principles and can work on both front-end and back-end, although they do not always master all the subtleties as their highly specialized colleagues.Having a full-stack developer that possesses all layers of development knowledge and skills from front end to back end and all the data layers is a time saver.


Full-stack developers should master the basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages and once they master these languages, they need to understand the new-age development areas such as:

    • For potent back-end architecture, full-stack developers must be accomplished in the programming languages such as Python, Java, PHP, .Net, and Ruby
    • Database languages like Oracle, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, MySQL, are among the most anticipated languages in today’s development market
    • Having iOS and Android development platforms understanding as part of their skill portfolio will help them understand the mobile development intricacies
    • Full-stack developers with operational understanding of MongoDB, Machine learning, Scala and Amazon cloud are perceived as experts by companies that are looking for senior specialist roles


Full-stack developers are highly needed across start-ups since they possess a varied skill-set and have the capability of independently working on a project, thereby helping reduce operation costs. Tech Giants like Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Google have partnered with universities like University of Columbia and Cornwell University to hire fresh full-stack developer. The universities, after seeing this trend have made changes to the computer science programs and inculcated courses and certifications to address the skill demand gap.
DRAUP’s systematic assessment found that

    • The 4 MSAs have ~35% of the total full-stack Engineer talent out of the 25 locations analysed across US.
    • Top universities in the USA among the analysed locations have partnered with enterprises and are establishing digital/technology labs for boosting the local tech talent ecosystem.
    • Median salary of full-stack developers across these 4 MSAs is ~$93,000. San Francisco Bay Area offers highest median salary ~$108,000 due to high talent competitiveness and demand across the mature technology giants.


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