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Digital Candidate Engagement: Best Practices

Talent Intelligence Reskilling Diversity and Inclusion Artificial Intelligence July 8, 2020

Digital Candidate Engagement: Best Practices


With recruiters and hiring managers looking to work from home, organizations will need better capabilities and collaboration tools to be resilient and continue business as usual. Hiring organizations are adapting to the ‘Remote Totality’ phenomenon, where the entire hiring cycle is expected to be completed through remote initiatives.

Here are some of the ‘Remote Totality’ best practices that are redefining the candidate engagement across the entire recruitment process:

Screening and Shortlisting:
As the hiring process transforms digitally, recruiters need to be stringent with their screening process. AI-enabled solutions can offer outcome-oriented results in this scenario. These algorithms help recruiters in feeding job role-based questions for the candidates. Some Tech firms have their online assessment methods like conducting hackathons, digital job fairs, etc. The collective responses are run through Data Analytics AI, to shortlist the candidates. They even use AI analytics to review recorded interviews to discover hidden flags missed by human bias.

Advanced Applicant Tracking Systems enable identification and shortlisting of candidates. ATS is a time-saving tool, especially when hiring for multiple positions simultaneously. Allocating physical resources to screen applications is wasteful. ATS tools can sort through them in no time.

Vodafone and Unilever, employ Digital Pre-Assessment tools from Recruitment tech firms. They vouch that it has cut their recruitment time by half. They use online Psychometric tests, technical tests, games, and record video responses to pre-recorded questions.


Vis-à-vis and Phone interviews are out of the question now. Everything from personality traits to Digital infrastructure available with them has to be reviewed.

Cloud-Based Peer-to-Peer Software platforms have made video telephony accessible to everyone. The versatile platforms allow scheduling, automated emails, and messages, including alerts. Multiple assessors can engage with the candidate at the same time.

Tools that enable brainstorming and feedback on the same platform are gaining huge traction. The Candidate aggregate scores are shared virtually. Major tech corporations like Google have even shifted this process to AI Decision Making tools.


On-Boarding is spread across multiple teams or individuals. Conventionally they would be taken under the wing of HR personnel, who would process documentation and assign company resources. The core team members would help them familiarise themselves with the work. This was the practice across the world, as late as early March of 2020. On-Boarding is all about absorbing the company’s work culture, which is difficult without physical presence. Some of the viable alternatives are:

Digital Welcome Packets: Digitized documentation and knowledge transfer, eases the need for allocating resources to educate the newcomer.

Buddy system: Assigning an employee to help them learn the ropes, via remote communication platforms.

Shadowing: Like Learning hospitals, the new employee could shadow the work of a team member via remote desktop connectivity.

Slack channels: Instead of a single employee, all involved individuals, could communicate on a unified platform. Doodle uses these platforms, to engage in fun virtual hangouts and competitions.

Chatbots: Enterprises are exploring the option of chatbots that cover the ground details. Further queries are escalated to the relevant team members by the app itself.

Draup is constantly helping HRs with the latest ongoing best practices for engaging with candidates. Based on the insights provided by our unique talent intelligence platform, hiring managers/HRs can set up their organizational protocol for hiring. This will ultimately assist them in crafting strategic plans for the recruitment and hiring process.

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