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Empower your Sales team

Empower Your Sales Team With Cutting-Edge Sales Tools

Despite how successful you think your enterprise sales team is, some areas can be improved, some sales processes that can be streamlined, or some redundant sales activity that can be eliminated from the pipeline.

To modern sales teams, these areas of improvement are becoming increasingly hard to identify. Part of the reason is that today’s sales teams are inundated with data from numerous streams and extracting insights is becoming increasingly difficult. The other, more significant part is that sales teams are evolving to become more cross-functional by absorbing analytics and prediction workflows.

All of the above issues mean that enterprise sales teams have grown too fast, too quickly, and cannot be managed entirely by a human workforce alone.

This, as many analysts have noted, has led to the rise of a new class of SaaS products to empower sales teams, and most of them come under the umbrella term of sales intelligence platforms. While cloud-based sales platforms are themselves not new, their integration with powerful AI models in the backend is an improvement that was a long time coming.

This article will explore how these sales intelligence platforms transform the way sales teams operate and why this fundamental paradigm shift will increase their deal closure rates.

Business Intentions Mapping For Targeted Proposals

Sale intelligence platforms primarily evolved out of a service providers’ need to:

  1. Identify what their competitors and peers are investing in and
  2. Identify the pain points of their clients.

While a lot of this intelligence was performed by clever data scraping and research by human analysts, advancements in AI have led to a whole new way of performing this task and performing it more efficiently.

Now, this common sales activity comes under the ambit of identifying business intentions.

You identify your competitors’ business intention by figuring out what technologies they are investing in, where they are hiring their talent from, who their clients are, etc.

You identify your prospects’ business intention by figuring out what their pain points are, what kind of recent hires/acquisitions have they made, what technology stack are they investing in, etc.

By mapping business intentions with their solutions, service providers can pitch prospects with targeted proposals and win high-value deals.

Another feature of modern sales intelligence tools is their ability to find optimal outsourcing partners.

Outsourcing Intelligence: Deploy Your Solutions In Record Speeds

Enterprises are turning to AI-powered sales intelligence platforms like Draup to identify and extract outsourcing patterns among global companies. The result is a huge database of key outsourcing players, their strengths, weaknesses, and even a broad overview of their future plans.

It’s not uncommon for the same company to outsource two workflows of the same project to two different service providers in two different countries. This type of outsourcing is often difficult to manage and will lead to huge cost overruns further down the line

However, companies can identify the best outsourcing company for a specific niche technology in a particular location with sales intelligence tools.

Real-Time Signals To Move With The Flow

While it’s AI today, it will be no-code tomorrow. Technology shift, deployment practices, and software architectures are evolving at breakneck speeds.

And enterprises are constantly making new deals, acquiring emerging startups, and partnering with their technology adjacent to expand their reach.

Your sales team needs to be aware of every strategic and tactical move made by companies to stay on top of industry trends.

Draup’s Signals Cast curates news from thousands of sources and intelligently tags them according to themes and categorizes them industry-wise.

This, in turn, educates sales teams about emerging technologies and even illuminates hidden opportunities in these fields by offering their solutions to key players.

In other words, today’s sales teams will find it impossible to compete for deals if they are not leveraging the full potential of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Draup for sales empowers sales teams with robust data on the prospect’s business intentions, their outsourcing roadmaps and alerts sales team leaders on key signals & trends to grab the next opportunity before their competitors.