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US AI and Big Data Talent Assessment

Big Data August 13, 2018
US AI and Big Data Talent Assessment


Draup’s methodology to determine unique job roles consists of four phases, namely – harvesting relevant job descriptions, extracting technical & conceptual skills, clustering extracted skills to identify unique roles, and primary validation.

One of the key components of our methodology involves analysis of installed Big Data and AI workforce employed in G500* organizations, Start-ups and Service Providers. The current research papers in global AI and Big Data talent trends do not provide enough transparency in the methodology. Draup attempts to change that.

AI and Big Data/Analytics roles have been segregated in categories such as Big Data/Analytics, AI and Auxiliary each comprising of 7, 3 and 7 roles respectively. Big Data/Analytics roles includes Analyst – Data Quality Management, Data Warehouse Engineer, etc; AI roles includes Data Scientist, Applied Data Scientist, etc and Auxiliary roles includes Solutions Architect, Product Manager, etc.

Precisely estimating the talent suited for AI and Big Data involves several interviews and deeper understanding of technical stacks across resumes and profiles. The global Big Data & AI talent pool demand is roughly 1.2 million, installed talent in G500 companies, AI and Big Data/Analytics relevant installed talent is about 650,000.

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