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Boston: An Emerging Healthcare AI Hotbed

Boston Healthcare August 13, 2018
Boston: An Emerging Healthcare AI Hotbed

Draup is performing an in-depth analysis of the Digital Healthcare ecosystem in Boston along with inputs from primary interviews with Boston-based stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem.

Boston has always been the pioneer of the healthcare industry, and with the advent of new age technologies like AI, IoT, Cloud, and Robotics, it is on the road to becoming the leader in digital healthcare as well. Artificial Intelligence is the major technology that is reshaping the healthcare industry in Boston.

Boston’s healthy digital healthcare ecosystem consisting of Universities, Medical OEMs, pharma giants, Tech Giants and Start-ups has made it a healthcare hub. The city is home to over 450 digital healthcare startups and an abundance of talent.

Boston is home to 7 world-renowned institutions like Harvard, MIT, Boston University and UMass which is an avenue not just for research on Digital Health but also serves as a huge talent pool for AI-based skills.

Companies like IBM and Alphabet are betting big on technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data to develop healthcare solutions. These tech giants, along with medical OEMs are collaborating with universities to shape the healthcare landscape.

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