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AI & Big Data/Analytics

Big Data August 13, 2018

AI & Big Data/Analytics


Zinnov’s DRAUP is a next-generation sales intelligence platform that tracks insights and analyzes megatrends in the Engineering, Digital, and Products ecosystem, to provide the bigger picture or the insights that are obtained by incorporating proprietary Machine Learning algorithms, human curation, and years of selling expertise.

Research is spread across various industry value chains. Industries such as Enterprise Software, Consumer Electronics and Automotive are focusing more on R&D whereas Retail and BFSI industry verticals are focusing more on customer journey. The Healthcare market for AI is expanding at a 40% growth rate and expected to reach $6 Bn by 2020. Global Clinical Data Analytics In Healthcare market is expected to reach 14+ Billion USD by 2022 growing at a CAGR of +33% from 2017.

BFSI, Healthcare and Automotive industries are witnessing a massive increase in the number of AI applications due to greater digitization and access to data. Industries such as Enterprise Software and Consumer Electronics have adopted AI-aided technologies for some time and are focusing on implementing advanced deep learning-based technologies. GAFAM and leading start-ups have a significant lead over other top R&D spenders. Intel, Tesla, Toyota and Baidu are the top R&D spenders. The demand for AI and Big Data/Analytics talent across G500 companies, start-ups and service providers is estimated to be ~1.2 million.

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