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AI-Powered Reskilling Solution

Draup is the Artificial Intelligence-Driven Talent Intelligence solution of choice for global enterprises

Elevate your Workforce Capabilities with our AI-Powered Reskilling Platform 

Focus reskilling efforts on workforce requirements and develop optimal career transitions to overcome skills shortages.


Identify Skills Gap 

Identify skills, tools, and certifications required for future roles to enable workforce reskilling. 


Bridge Skills Gap 

Explore learning pathways optimized for time & resources to bridge the skill gaps efficiently. 

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Map Macro & Micro Paths 

Identify optimal short & long-term career paths for your workforce to improve productivity and reduce attrition. 

Drive Career Growth & Innovation

Explore over 4,500 roles, 30,000 skills, 4M+ career paths, and 100,000 global courses. Get recommendations on the best career paths for your employees.

For L&D Professionals

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Discover Reskilling Opportunities

Identify disrupted roles and employees to bridge the gap.

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Develop Personalized Reskilling Plans

Plan smart with step-by-step guidance on the skills to learn and courses to consider.

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Build your Business Case for Reskilling

Use cost-benefit analysis tools to evaluate the financial impact of reskilling vs. hiring.

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Explore Trending Reskilling Journeys

Understand proven career transitions used by top industry peers with Reskilling Stories.

For Employees

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Chart & Execute your Career Path

Identify optimal short & long term career trajectories according to your career goals.

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Identify Skills Gap

Map your transition from Role A to Role B using comprehensive reskilling insights.

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Build your Skills Portfolio

Augment your skills bank by identifying trending technologies & upskill to avoid job disruption.

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Personalized Upskilling Guidance

Get additional resources, including videos, certifications, & books, to develop role expertise.

Draup's Flexibility Makes Scaling Reskilling Strategies Easier

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Customize talent taxonomies to align with your industry vertical or workload

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Robust workflows to validate employee skillsets for accurate skills mapping & career transitions

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Add internal career paths unique to your organization for suggestions on relevant career progressions

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Select preferred courses and certification providers to tailor recommendations

"A formidable catch-all talent intelligence product"

Nitika G Chief Marketing Officer Draup for Talent Reviews on G2

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