What locations does Draup cover?

Our talent intelligence platform provides insights across global talent hotspots in:

  • ANZ
  • APAC
  • Eastern Europe
  • MEA
  • North America
  • Scandinavia
  • Western Europe

How will my team benefit from Draup?

Draup for Talent offers comprehensive, data-driven solutions for today’s workforce planners, recruitment teams & talent managers.

It can get overwhelming in a fast-evolving talent landscape to keep up with rapidly changing recruitment & talent trends. This is why, every day, Draup analyzes 10 Million+ data points using our 70 custom ML models with data extracted from over 8,000 sources to help you build a strategic talent pool.

With Draup, you can:

Plan your workforce strategically

  • Keep track of real-time talent insights on locations & skills
  • Explore cost insights across roles & locations
  • Benchmark against industry peers on talent metrics to know where you stand

Recruit with Confidence

  • Use AI for real-time insights into candidate profiles and skills match
  • Extract profiles equipped with adjacent skills/roles using our AI models
  • Track talent from diverse categories, including gender, ethnic & racial minorities

Reskill to win the talent war

  • Identify skills gaps & bridge them with learning pathways optimized for time & resources
  • Explore ideal short & long-term career trajectories for your workforce to improve productivity and reduce attrition

Set your organization on the right path with Draup’s Talent Intelligence platform.

For more information, reach out to us at info@draup.com

Can I subscribe to Draup individually?

Currently, access to the platform is limited to organizations that pay an annual subscription.

How often is the Draup database updated?

The analysis that Draup does is an ongoing process, which is updated to the database in real-time to reflect the latest trends and data points.

What is the subscription fee for Draup?

Our subscription varies based on the modules and the number of user licenses. Please send us your requirements over email at info@draup.com for more information.