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Workday HCM Talent Analysis & Best Practices

21 May 2020
New York

Over 3,000 companies globally are leveraging Workday for their Human Capital Management. More than 70% of these enterprises face Workday Implementation challenges primarily due to poor talent planning across the lifecycle and/or lack of competent talent.

Join us for a live webinar to discuss the Workday HCM Talent Analysis & Best Practices on 21st May 2020, Thursday, 1–3 PM EST. During this session, we will be discussing the challenges and best practices for implementing & managing Workday HCM in enterprises.

Some of the key discussion topics include

  • Various stages of Workday’s Enterprise lifecycle and the roles/skills critical at each stage
  • How Roles/Skills gap is hampering across Workday lifecycle in enterprises
  • How to utilize a mix of Hire vs Buy (Partner) strategies to fulfil critical Workday needs/capabilities across each stage
  • Typical challenges involved in transitioning from existing HCM to Workday
  • Best practices to Plan, Hire/Partner relevant talent for successful Workday implementation
Audience size

10-12 senior HR leaders

Session Host

Vijay Swaminathan, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Draup

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