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Skills for Success: Customer Intimacy & Empathy

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40% of the surveyed enterprises do not have a full understanding of Customer Intimacy skills.

Understanding Customer intimacy and the skills and competencies associated with it is very crucial, especially in the COVID & post-COVID era, when customer intimacy is becoming a key competency to maintain & expand the customer base.

At the core of this is creating a culture of customer intimacy. Empathy is a very crucial competency that many organizations are working very hard to develop. There are also several technical skills and products gaining momentum in this area.

In this informative 50 minute session, Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder of Draup will attempt to break down both hard skills and soft competencies associated with customer intimacy.

Participants can expect:

  • to gain an understanding of Customer Intimacy and Empathy as a catalyst for business growth

  • to identify both hard skills and soft competencies associated with Customer Intimacy

  • to learn how to cultivate your culture and empower your employees to feel customer needs and act accordingly

Vijay Swaminathan is the Co-Founder & CEO of Draup, an AI-Driven Reskilling and Talent Intelligence Platform. Vijay has extensive experience in the areas of Product Ideation, Concept to Productization, and Platform enablement. He has developed numerous quantitative models and heuristics related to global talent, business analytics, and strategic business initiatives.

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08 Oct 2020

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