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Shining a Light on the Early Career Path in Your Company

Early career talent is the largest talent pool in today’s competitive labor market.

They are:

  • Eager to learn
  • Primed to perform and
  • Bring new sets of skills, ideas & techniques to your organization

Tapping into this growing talent pool will decide the future course of your talent pipeline.

However, with the talent wars heating up, there is an extreme competition to attract this demographic, with companies offering insane perks to attract talent.

The fundamentals, however, still remain the same — Early-career talent needs to see how they will develop and thrive in an organization.

Starting with early engagement, employers can build a talent-acquisition pathway that includes internships and partnerships with schools and motivate learning and development in the first stages of an employee’s career.

But it doesn’t have to stop there.

Join Vijay Swaminathan, CEO & Co-Founder of Draup, for the webinar on Early Career Talent Acquisition: Shining a Light on the Early Career Path in Your Company, where he will discuss pressing talent questions such as

  • Why a culture of inclusion and belonging is so essential to early-career candidates and how employers can communicate those qualities
  • How to build a talent pipeline that nurtures early-career talent, thereby reducing attrition
  • What are the ingredients to a successful talent acquisition plan to attract early career talent
  • And more

    Date and Time: Tue, Nov. 9, 2021 | 2pm-3pm ET 

What is Draup for Talent?

Draup is the AI Platform for Talent Intelligence & Reskilling used by HR Leaders & Talent Decision Makers Whether you’re an HR leader, talent acquisition specialist, or anyone engaged in shaping the workforce of tomorrow, Draup provides you with unparalleled data-backed insights that help you

Increase in Available Talent Pool

Reduction in Talent Acquisition costs

Increase in Employee Engagement & Retention

A Glimpse into Draup for Talent

What Makes Draup for Talent Different?

360-degree Talent Ecosystem Insights

  • Talent Intelligence Across Industries, Companies, Locations, and Universities
  • Assess a candidate’s talent attributes with insights across 40+ parameters
  • Attract and Retain diverse talent with Deep Insights into Costs, Skills and Locations
  • Leverage talent market data on 150M+ job descriptions and 100+ Labor Statistics Databases across 2,000+ locations
  • Talent Intelligence on 500k+ peer group companies across 33 industries
  • Know where you stand against your competitors
  • Empower your HR team and talent stakeholders to drive intelligent data-backed workforce planning and recruitment strategies
  • Pinpoint emerging talent hotspots for your target digital tech stack across the globe

Acquire & Manage your Future-Ready Workforce