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Register for free: Reskilling strategies for never normal economy

12 September 2019
Fairfield Inn New York Manhattan Times Square South 338 West 36th St, New York, NY 10018, USA (Room: Garment Room)

The entry of the 4th industrial revolution with intelligence-based digitization and automation brings a whole new set of skills required for future job roles. This change is akin to the shift that happened years ago from agriculture to the industrial revolution but in a much shorter span of time.

While the earlier shift happened gradually, allowing the old workforce to retire and a new workforce with new skills to take over, the present scenario doesn’t provide us the luxury of time.

Key Talent Challenges:

– Companies require workforce with adaptability and evolved skillset
– Pervasiveness of digital technologies across industries has created a hiring competition across the globe.
– Significant supply-demand gaps for these fast-growing roles have made external hiring a daunting task for an organization.

In these conditions, it has become necessary to retrain the existing workforce and reskill them to address the future talent needs as well as provide them a future career.

Come be a part of our upcoming breakfast event on Thursday, September 12th at Fairfield Inn New York Manhattan as we collaborate with HR leaders to discuss the needs and opportunities to reskill the existing workforce.

Event Agenda:

• How skill gaps are hampering the success of digital programs in industries.
• How companies are investing in reskilling initiatives to address their future needs.
• How tradition job roles are evolving (career path) into digital roles for the future.
• How organizations are intervening (online and offline programs) with learning programs to reskill their existing workforce.

Event Attendees
10 – 12 Senior HR leaders from the New York region

Event Details:
Audience size: 10-12 senior HR leaders
Session Host: Mr. Vijay Swaminathan, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Draup

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