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Reskilling Imperatives for Enterprises in the Digital Age

Future of work is here!!!

The COVID-19 pandemic is creating a fundamental reset of business models and workforce competencies. Draup research indicates that post-COVID over 75% of all job roles and functions are bound to undergo some form of disruption.

To respond, leaders should pursue a broad reskilling agenda that develops employees’ digital expertise and their emotional intelligence. But the majority of these leaders are struggling to operationalize the reskilling plans and initiatives.

Join us in our webinar at ‘INSPIRE 2020’ to understand the nuances of developing and operationalizing an effective reskilling program.

We are honored to have Ms. Gosia Prior, Vice President, Organizational & Talent Transformation and Ms. Kaelie Rogan, Talent Effectiveness Specialist from Rockwell Automation to discuss the pertinent topic of reskilling.

Here’s what you’ll learn from the Webinar:

  • Developing a digital talent roadmap for the organization
  • Tactical resource level plan for building digital talent
  • Best practices to develop and operationalize Reskilling programs
  • Perspectives of real-life practitioners

What is Draup for Talent?

Draup's AI-powered Talent Intelligence platform helps global enterprises with strategic workforce planning, talent acquisition and employee development at scale - driving sustainable growth and competitive advantage.

Increase in Available Talent Pool

Reduction in Talent Acquisition costs

Increase in Talent Retention

What Makes Draup for Talent Different?

360-degree Talent Ecosystem Insights

  • Talent Intelligence Across Industries, Companies, Locations, and Universities
  • Assess a candidate’s talent attributes with insights across 40+ parameters
  • Attract and Retain diverse talent with Deep Insights into Costs, Skills and Locations
  • Leverage talent market data on 150M+ job descriptions and 100+ Labor Statistics Databases across 2,000+ locations
  • Talent Intelligence on 500k+ peer group companies across 33 industries
  • Know where you stand against your competitors
  • Empower your HR team and talent stakeholders to drive intelligent data-backed workforce planning and recruitment strategies
  • Pinpoint emerging talent hotspots for your target digital tech stack across the globe

Acquire & Manage your Future-Ready Workforce