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Reskilling for Relevance

09 December 2020
Zinnov Confluence

While the business environment is still relatively fluid, companies have found themselves on surer footing as far as the pandemic goes. Businesses are navigating complexities by reassessing their fundamentals, especially product, technology, and talent strategies.

The latest edition of Zinnov Confluence – Confluence Europe – has the overarching theme ‘Engineering A Post-Pandemic World’ and is being hosted on the 9th of December from 2:00 PM CET onwards.

The theme centers around the key dimensions of people, process, technology, and business that will enable companies to be ready to succeed in a post-COVID-19 world.

Vijay Swaminathan, CEO, Draup, will be presenting a keynote talk on Reskilling for Relevance, where he will share rich insights on how companies need to rethink talent strategies to help redefine and reimagine companies’ business outcomes. Some of the other key sessions include –

  • Engineering a Post-pandemic World: Now, Next, and Beyond
  • Globalization Paradigm – Accelerating outcomes with Global Centers Of Excellences
  • Building Strategic Partnerships in the New Normal for Digital Transformation and Scale

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